Tuesday, 28 February 2012

So busy!

Oh dear another big gap between blogs! Sorrrrry! Soooo busy at the moment, and when not busy, I'm ill!

Doing really great on the weight loss front! Lost 5 pounds the week before last! Last week I put one pound on, but as I been I'll I haven't being doing any fitness and was eating stuff I fancied instead of my diet foods. Im hopefully on the mend now so looking to start losing again this week!

So this week I'm in sunny Scotland! Travelling between Edinburgh and Glasgow looking at apartments ready for our big move. I've got a free day today though as moved all today's appoinments to tomorrow so Brett can come with me.

Going into Edinburgh shopping today! Find some bargains and get some stuff for Brett. Of course he is over the moon as I am doing all his cooking for him this week and have completely gutted his flat which he shares with lads he works with. Boys together = yucky!!

I looked at some flats yesterday and found a couple we want to see again l. By the end of this week we need to have found and paid for the new place! No biggy ha ha.

I only have a few weeks left in Peterborough before I move up to Glasgow, so fitting in seeing all my friends, nights out and of course I'm off to Portugal with work for a few days is proving tiring but all worth it. Met up with my girly Emma last week, we went to the Blue Bell where we met when we worked there. Saw all the old regulars and had an amazing time! Definitely want to fit it in again before we move. Anyway, I'm blogging from my phone which is not easy so I'm going to cut it short and blog properly soon.

Thanks lovables, H xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Uh Oh!

Oh deary me.... so yes, I was very naughty last week... and I have put 1 pound on! :(

I'm not really surprised, I ate quite a lot whilst at my Nanas and had a massive eating day on Sunday when I had a girly day with Coral!

So this week I really have to crack down on the calories and getting in my fitness! I did an hour and a half this morning on my Wii Fit and hopefully I have blasted out some calories. This afternoon I will be doing plenty on sit-ups and crunches! Got to be done!!

As I said I am working lots of lates this month, so I should be fitting in plenty of work outs in the mornings. Hopefully lose minimum 3 pounds this week. More if I can. I am currently trying out the herbal slimming patches and taking adios so hopefully that will help too.

I went to my Nana and Grandads last week after going on a finance course in London as it was my Grandad's birthday on Friday and it was nice to spend some time with my Grandparents. I went shopping with my Nana in Stevenage which was nice and I got my Grandad a paperweight for his desk, which said 'Cabernet Sauvigon' onit so I got a bottle of 'Cabernet Sauvigon' to go with it lol.

I went after my Finance course in London on Thursday. The course was great and I learnt loads! It is a short journey from London to Stevenage so I got off the train there. My mum joined us on Friday evening when ahe had finished work and we came back on Saturday as I had to go to work that evening. 

And on Saturday evening at 6 o'clock pm.... it SNOOOWWEDDD! Yay! I love the snow....

So I had a day planned with Coral on Sunday to watch loads of Harry Potter and Danny Dyer Films... but some of it got scrapped so we could make snow angels and snow men! We had a great time in the snow.... and we made a snowman... Shermaine Defoe (haha!) Unfortunately, he didn't last long and fell over about an hour after he was born lol! Corals mum managed to capture this pic of coral laughing at me nearly falling over! We had a great day... but literally ate alllll day lol. So I'm guessing thats where the weight loss failed lol.

Looking forward to my trip to Scotland. I am looking at alot of flats and need to pick one and put down all the information. Going to be spending some of today getting things booked in and finding out what all the relevant paperwork we need is. hopefully it won't take too long to sort out and then me and Brett can spend some time sightseeing and of course shopping lol. 

My Hen Do... With my Family and Friends... Going to Miss Them x

Its going to be emotional leaving Peterborough. I have spent half my life here, and have made loads of really close friends and memories. I will miss my friends and family, and some of my work colleagues too. But this new adventure is going to be great. We are so excited to move into a new place and buy new things to fit the decor and make it really homely. My favourite part of having a new place, is picking out and framing pictures. I'm going to have a large one from the wedding done and some nice ones of my family and friends. I think I think I am going to do one board just for my close friends with all my memories on it. 
So Once Again sorry for for long gap between Posts.... I will try better this week. 
Thanks Loveables.... xx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Sorryyyyy been sooo long!!


So sorry for the long gap between posts, I have been working crazzyyyy shifts and have had little time for anything over than sleeping. Did fit in a few days at my Nana and Grandad's as it was my Grandad's birthday and spent the day with him.

I haven't got any weigh in information for you yet, as my weigh in is tomorrow. But I have a horrible feeling I may have not lost anything as I have been a little naughty! Going to have a massive cardio work out tomorrow and really crack down on the calories and hopefully reach the 'I've lost a stone mark' by the end of this week, if not definitely have to hit it next week!

I will come back on tomorrow with either good or bad news lol.

Been feeling a little annoyed this week to say the least and have had a few rants on Facebook/Twitter which was probably a little immature of me but, hey, I lost my rag!

Nothing upsets me more than working extra hard all month, 50 hours a week and then having a month where you can't afford to buy a pair of socks let alone go out and get wrecked 3 times a week. I may have put on a status in regards to this lol. Sorry if anyone was offended (but as stated in my second status, you need to take a look at yourself if you think its aimed at you) but I feel really strongly about this. I'm paying my taxes and going to work rain or shine, sick or sicker. And all the while there are some buggers out there that sit around doing nothing all day other than moaning about there various illnesses and lack of money, only to follow up these statuses with one telling the world that they are 'off out tonight'. Its really frustrating to me and I know it is to other's, so while I am sorry if I upset or offended anyone, doesn't change my feelings on the subject by any stretch of the imagination!

Something else has annoyed me this week! (Nevvverrrr....) I'm not one to normally comment on or 'tweet'celebs, but the current attack on Lucy Meck from so called human beings this week left me feeling angry and hurt for her. So what if she previously made a mistake. That doesn't make it ok for Mario Falcone to be emailing/texting numerous amounts of other girls. That's just wrong! All these people tweeting Lucy horrible messages telling her she deserves it have got a really strange understanding of ethics! If Mario thinks it is ok to behave like that, he shouldn't have ever reprimanded Lucy in the first place. And if he wasn't willing to forget, he shouldn't of taken her back. So Lucy Meck, I'm all for you on that one kid, as quite frankly, hes a bit of a scumbag and you can quite clearly do better love.

Ok so I shall stop having a grumpy moment for now (oh just one more thing, what a stupid thing Arg said about Lydia the other night, proper love him, but really how thick can you get!!). Going to be working really hard again this week (well 8 days....) so I will try to catch up as much as I can on here, but hopefully will be dedicating most of my time to exercise.

Not long now until I go off to Glasgow/Edinburgh for a week and I am really looking forward to it. I've shortlisted around 15 flats to look at right in the city centre of Glasgow, obviously some may have gone by then but I'm sure there will be new ones. I'll keep you updated on my move!

Anyway guys, I'm going to be on here updating all things Hattie in full tomorrow, so I'm not going to waffle on any further with my rants about TOWIE, etc, lol!

Catch you tomorrow, thanks loveables! xx