Thursday, 31 May 2012

Beautiful Bracelets by The Bead Queen...

About two weeks ago, I stumbled across a lovely lady on Twitter, who makes hand made bracelets. She was doing a giveaway when she reached 8000 followers and when she did it, I missed it and I was so gutted I was thinking of buying one.

After chatting to Lorraine a bit on Twitter, we had established that I liked the pink, white and purple (Shamballa) ones, and I was struggling which one to pick. Lorraine kindly offered to make one with all three colours in it.

When it arrived I was so over the moon with it. Beautiful colours, sparkling and dazzling away. A must have for any girl. The pictures of this bracelet just do not do it justice. I was so happy with it that in addition to this planned Blog post, I filmed a short YouTube video of it, and placed it on my channel here. I of course Tweeted the link to Lorraine, who was overwhelmed. I was so pleased that she enjoyed the video.

Lorraine must of liked my video a lot, because I arrived home today, to find that Lorraine had posted me the most beautiful charm bracelet. Not only is it stunning, Lorraine must of picked up on my tastes, as if you have read my blog before, or seen some of my videos, you will know that I am a real Beach Baby and love anything nautical. You will see in the pictures, that the bracelet has beautiful blue crystals, as if the sun bouncing across the sea. It has beautiful blue and brown stone like pieces, like the waves splashing against a beach. And then the charms are little boats, starfish, fish, and anchors. It is so lovely and I am so pleased with it.

Thank you so much Lorraine, who I know will read this, for sending me such a beautiful gift. I am sure I will wear it all the time :)

Girls (and Guys) you really must head over to The Bead Queen's website and check out the stunning pieces at affordable prices. Find the links below....

Thanks Loveables xxx


The Bead Queen Website

The Bead Queen Twitter!/thebeadqueen_uk

You can find the links to me in the side bar xx

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chain Blog Letter: You Know You are a Fashion Blogger When…

Hey Guys,
I saw this on Lipstained Vixen's Blog and thought it looked like good fun! I hope you enjoy it and take it on to your Blog too! 

Here are the instructions:
You Know You’re A Fashion/Style Blogger When . . .
  • Copy the list below
  • Paste the list onto a new blog post – and highlight/bold the statements that describe you or show something you’ve done
  • After putting up the list, link back to Simply Sarah as the original list
  • Add any other bullets to the list that you think describe fashion bloggers as well
Lets start this and see how far it gets!
You Know You’re a Fashion Blogger When: 
- The words “chambray”, “gingham”, and “ikat” are regular words in your vocabulary
- You know what color blocking means
- You love to shop, and in fact you literally get a high off of sales
- You use blogger’s first names rather than referring to their blog name
- You’ve entered SO many giveaways; you never win, but hey you never know right?!
- You use blogger’s first names and refer to them as if they’ve been your BFF forever
- You’ve sometimes wondered if it’s vain to take pictures of yourself – and then not cared
- You’ve taken a picture, ran to the camera to see if you liked it, hated it and tried again
- You’ve mastered the art of “self-timer”
- Your phone is full of random pictures of yourself
- No matter what you’re doing, even if you’re camping, you wonder how you can take pictures
- You’re constantly thinking about content for blog posts – you even write down ideas!
- You’ve gotten to know bloggers so well you feel like you’ve literally lived their life for a day
- One word: HTML
- You’ve pinned outfits on Pinterest to recreate, but rarely ever did
- You’ve wore outfit you just weren’t into, so you skipped the day or wrote about something else
- You comment on blogs with <3 or XOXO, even though you’ve never met the people
- You feel closer to your blogger friends sometimes than your real friends
- At least one person in your life never knew they’d ever have to take so many pictures of you
- You’ve mastered at least one pose you use over and over
- You look at your closet and go “I have nothing  to wear” yet you have more clothes than you need
- You know details about blogger’s lives, but you don’t know their last name.  And you’re OK with it.
- You spend your time talking about clothes, fashion, and styling – and people actually care!
- You realize now that blogging is truly a full time career if done right
- Blogging was just supposed to start as a creative outlet, but it’s turned into so much more
- You’ve ever wondered “hey could I do this for a career”?
- You’ve wasted more time on your computer blogging than you care to admit
- You have a twitter, lookbook, facebook, pinterest, etc.  that all link back to one place… 

Let me know if any of these apply to you ladies – I hope at least a couple did! 
 Let me know if you link this back on your pages!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

No.7 Glitter Top Coat

Hey Loveables....

So the other day I was doing my daily thing of checking emails and new videos and I saw a video by Sprinkle of Glitter in which she featured a nail varnish she had purchased from Boots No.7 range. As soon as I saw it I was like I have to have it!

I have purchased this in Gold.... and as you will see below it goes on beautifully. For the purpose of the picture, I have just painted this straight on to my plain nail, but this would look gorgeous on top of so many colours. When I bought it, I just picked up the gold as I didn't think I would have much use for the silver, but after trying out the gold, I have to have to the Silver to.

I am so over the moon with this product. Just to sweeten the deal, Boots are currently giving out a £5 No.7 voucher every time you spend over £5 in store, so I managed to get this for just £3.00. Bargain. (Normal Price £8.00).

I am going to do a look with this top coat tomorrow, for my Nails of the Day on Twitter, so look out for that. I have just done a Haul Video here in which this product is featured! So go over and take a look. For all Nail Varnish Fanatics, and Glitter Addicts alike, this is a must have product.... I Love It <3 xx


Buy This Product Online:

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Thanks Loveables xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sorry for my absence....

Hey Guys....

Just a quick post to let you know I have not abandoned my Blog or my YouTube channel! If you are a reader of my blog you will already know that I have been unwell for just over 3 months now. I thought the problem had been resolved as the doctors thought they had diagnosed the issue, but unfortunately it seems that I (and probably more importantly the doctors) was wrong :(

I am having a rough few days at the moment and just not up to filming or anything, but I didn't want you thinking I had left you in the lurch! I will return to normal as quickly as I possibly can, and I will make an effort to continue writing blog posts while I can't film.

Just to give you guys something to look out for, as soon as I am well I have the following things lined up over the next month :)

E.l.f Haul/Review
Massive Primark Haul
Vivo Review
Collective Haul
Tesco Cosmetics Review
Beauty in your local Supermarket
And More!!

Like I say I will be back to normal as soon as I can :)

Love you all and thank you for continuing to read and support.... H xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

New Video

Hi Guys...

New Video, Mini Haul Primark and Quiz!

Let me know what you think :) xx

Review of George @ Asda Nail Varnishes

Hi Guys! I hope you are all well!

So yesterday I went to Asda and for the first time I noticed that George have a make-up range. The prices of the whole range seemed to be between £1 and £6 I think. I didn't pick anything up other than nail varnishes as that was what really attracted me to the stand. There was a fantastic range of colours, from pinks to purples, to reds and blues, mint greens and yellows, mattes, shimmers and glitters. The prices start at just £1 and I don't think any are more expensive than £2.00.

Jackpot, Pink Glitz,
Lavender Fantasy
The nail varnishes say Quick Dry on them and they definitely do just that! You do need to do two coats to get the colour in the bottle, but that is not unusual and also as they dry so quick it is really not an issue. I will have to let you know what they are like when it comes to chipping etc, as you know I change my colour almost daily, so my nails don't really get a chance to chip! 

Lavender Fantasy
Pink Glitz
Lavender Fantasy with Jackpot

As you can see from the pictures the colours are really nice, and the glitter is really.... glittery lol.  I am definitely going to  get some more of the colours and also the crackle top coats, and the intense glitters to try out and show you. There is a video on my you tube channel so please go and take a look.

Hope you like them!

Thanks Loveables :)

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Facebook Page:

Friday, 18 May 2012

New You Tube Video...

Hi Guys,

I have a new YouTube video!

It is a collective haul... hope you enjoy :)

Thanks Lovables x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

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New You Tube Channel!

Ha ha! So I am a little nervous about this guys so please be kind to me lol!

I have decided to start a YouTube channel! I'm not sure how it's going to go down, or how its going to work out, but I thought I would give it ago! I'm looking for all feedback, good and bad, just not nasty please lol.

So let me know your thoughts and I hope you enjoy!

Thanks Loveables :)

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

MUA Haul/Review

Haul/Review :)

So this is my second Make-Up Haul/Review and as you can see again it is a big one!

I was drawn to trying out MUA after seeing some review's on blogs and, and I was also really interested in trying out the Eye Primer.

MUA is exclusively available in Superdrug stores, some do the full range and some just do the £1 range. Check the website for which branch does what. I couldn't get everything I wanted in store, so I did an online order to.

I will try and keep this brief but there is a lot!! I will let you know the colours of the Nail Varnishes, but I am doing a separate review as there are too many to go through ;)


Trio Eye Shadows

Pink Sorbet - Chocolate Box

Pink Sorbet - Chocolate Box Swatches

I LOVE these. I was slightly dubious at first, as MUA is an affordable make-up brand, and that doesn't always bode well. But these are beautiful. The colour has such brilliant pigmentation, and you can build up the colours to create fabulous looks (I will post a separate article with some looks you can create). These have  a shimmer to them and are just gorgeous. these are going straight into my reach for everyday basket. I will be collecting all the available colours!

Individual Colour Pots - Matte/Pearl
L - R T - B Shade 1 Pearl, Shade 2 Pearl, Shade 17 Matte, Shade 8 Pearl, Shade 23  Pearl

Colours as above.
So after trying out the Trio's I thought I would give these ago and so glad I did. Again, stunning. The pigmentation is awesome. I love these. MUA do a massive range of colours, and when I am looking for an individual specific shade the first place I will go is MUA.

Intense Glitter and Intense Colour

Colours Left to Right: Snow White - Colour, Rich Brown - Colour, Starry Night - Glitter, Gold Nugget - Glitter, Lovely Lilac - Colour, Blue Babe - Glitter
Colours as above.

Again, another amazing product, these eyeliners have such beautiful pigmentation, they are creamy and smooth and are so easy to use. Again a huge range of colours available for every look you could think of.

Extreme Felt Liner and Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof

Both Black
The Extreme Felt Liner is the only product that I am a little disappointed with. Its more brown than it is black. It's ok for doing winged eyeliner, and I would buy it again, but I don't think it is the best that I have used.

The Liquid Eyeliner on the other hand is brilliant. I find it really easy to apply, it is black as night. Waterproof   make-up is a really big thing for me, I need it for work, I need it for the Gym, I need it for summer holidays. And this is truely waterproof, it's a nightmare to get off some times but I don't mind, as that' what I need it for!

Eyebrow Pencils

I haven't taken a pic yet, but I have both colours, and both are great, better than my previous favourite, No.7. Will get some pics up for you soon.

Eye Primer

As I said this was the product I was really going after, and it's lived up to its reviews, works really well, it doesn't crease. My eye shadow lasts all day when I use this. I don't think I will ever look for anything better.


As I have mentioned before I usually buy really expensive mascaras for sensitive eyes as I have a lot of problems with them. I mentioned in my last review on E.l.f cosmetics I had found a cheap one. And here are more! I originally opted for the Extreme Volume Mascara in Black, and loved it. I headed back to Superdrug and got 4 more! None of them bother my eyes, they are cheap and cheerful and I really like them. The Waterproof one again last for ages and is perfect for when I go to the Gym. Overall I am extremely happy. I decided to try out the coloured ones for fun and they are good too, the colours are really bright!



Top Shade 12
Bottom Shade 7

Top Shade 12
Bottom Shade 7
Love these Lipsticks. £1 each and worth so much more! They have the same quality as lipsticks I pay £7+ for. Again a great range of colours available.

Lip Glosses

Top Shade 2
Bottom Shade 4

As above

These Lip Glosses are amazing! They are not too sticky, and last for absoluteness ages! The colours are so bright,  I think these are going to be in my handbag for a long long time!! MUA do the Juicy Tubes as well, but I have misplaced mine :( will get a pic on of those soon :)


THESE ARE AMAZING! I am so happy! Lipstick in one end, matching highlighting lipgloss in the other. This one is in OMG. I think there about 7 colours available. This is beautiful. You can create 4 different looks with these and they are brilliant for day, night, work, drinks, shopping. You name it, this is a staple item for you handbag make-up.

The swatch pictures just don't do the product justice, this shade, OMG is a coral coloured shade and its just really pretty. I will get a post up soon, dedicated to Lip Booms!

Love Them xx


I am yet to try out the foundations by MUA yet, as I am going to be doing a comparison post on 4 good value foundations/BB creams. I will keep you updated on that.

Mosaic Blushes/Bronzes

Top: English Rose
Bottom: Sunkissed Glow

Sorry about the picture!

I wanted to try the English Rose after a lovely girl named Becca from kept raving about it (will link below). And she is so right its a great blush, not to over the top, just right. The Sunkissed Glow, is quite dark, so I am going to save that for my tanned days :)


Like I said I will do a separate post on these but here is my collection so far....

So to sum up, I have discovered another brand that is affordable and adorable! They are definately my current favourite and I am looking forward to trying out the two palettes I am ordering, and of course I will show you them here.

I hope you enjoyed :)


MUA's Prices range from £1 to £4. 


Thanks Lovables xx

Friday, 11 May 2012

Coming Soon.... MUA Cosmetics Review

Next week! Review of all these products... <3 them

Love At First Site...

There are very few feeling's in the world, as good as the butterflies you get in your stomach in the early days of a relationship. The little flutter your heart makes when you see your new beaus name pop up on your phone, the smile that spreads across your face every morning when you awake to a sweet nothing text message, even on a Monday. 

You're in your own little bubble, completely and utterly focused on your fairy tale romance. But at what point do you know, that person is 'The One'. We all know that the bubble can burst and the fairy tale can be over in a moment, and the person who has been your world for the last three and a half weeks now becomes a stranger that you wouldn't even say Hi to as you pass them by in the street.

I met my husband in a Nail Salon. He was there paying for a mutual friend's nails as a Christmas present. It was Christmas Eve 2009. We chatted a little, but not a lot. We didn't swap numbers. A couple of weeks later on a night out, our mutual friend brought Brett along. It was that night that a drunken Bretty told me he loved me for the first time! Not even having been on a date I admit to thinking, "Stalker!! Weird!", if someone had told me that evening that I would later marry him, I would of de-friended them there and then! The morning after the night before though, I found myself thinking of the weirdy a lot. And I was soon tracking down his number.

The night of the first 'I Love You' and one of my fave pics of us <3
It only took one weekend of dates for us to become an item and Brett even invited me to accompany him to his  parents 25th Wedding Anniversary party in June, months later. Little did I know at the time, I would end up playing a huge part in the event, decorating the hall, directing the DJ, etc. We became a 'couple' on 21st February 2010. It wasn't always a smooth start though. We met a few bumps in the road, and even split at one point.

But after a couple of weeks of being apart we decided to meet up and take Brett's dogs for a walk. During the walk, one of the dogs saw a duck or something and jumped at it, pulling Brett straight over into a big muddy puddle. We both fell around laughing and from that point on we were back to 'Harriet and Brett'. We got engaged soon after, in July. I went to visit Brett in Aberdeen where he was working and he proposed over the weekend.

I don't know about other people, but we found through out our relationship (and even still now sometimes) everybody wanted to have an opinion. Friends, family you name it. And sometimes I admit, it would of been a lot easier to just split up. But through it all we stayed strong and I love my husband very much, and vice versa.

In our first house in Peterborough, before a evening out.
So really, the answer to my own question is, you know that the person is 'The One' when you still feel the butterflies not just months, but years on. Before we moved to Glasgow, me and my husband lived apart for the entirety of our relationship as Brett is self-employed and worked all over the place, London, Corby, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh. The list goes on. I got used to being a part and it didn't bother me too much. The weekends we spent together were all the more precious. But now we live together full time, even if we are apart one night I really miss him. 

My husband is my best friend, my conscience, my agony aunt, my soul mate. The best advice you can take about your relationship.... is from your own heart.

So I guess, Love At First Site.... does exist <3

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Not very healthy but made this homemade 'nandos' and honeycomb cheesecake for Brett today... Yum!

And Then There was Facebook

Just a very short and sweet post to say,,, I now have a Facebook page for this Blog.

Just click the 'Like' button for updates :)


Sunday, 6 May 2012

When a Pamper Day goes Wrong!

After recently moving to Glasgow and being unwell for some time, my nails and hair were well overdue. My wonderful husband came back from the local hairdressers one day and announced he had booked me the Pamper Package, including a haircut, nails and a spray tan. I was over the moon. 
Brett mentioned a couple of times his haircut wasn't exactly how he wanted but, that happens occasionally and I wasn't that worried. Even though the one time I had popped in, the owner seemed to be quite off, but everyone has a bad day don't they.... Well I was certainly about to!

My appointment was an afternoon appointment so I decided to spend the morning relaxing, and then have a long soak in the bath and prep for the spray tan. My first mistake. After relaxing in the bath I ex foliated and shaved ready for the spray tan.... and took a one inch chunk out of my leg. The bleeding was horrendous and took ages to stop. Still now I have a massive dressing on the wound that needs changing daily. Not a good start. After struggling to in the shower holding one leg out I managed to complete my 'prep'.

Annoyed but not not undeterred I headed on down to the salon, stopping off for all my weekly mags and water. Arriving a little early at the salon, I decided to grab my sun bed while there. I have a lot of catching up to do as I am as white as a sheep after my illness. After my sunbed I went straight for my cut, which although she changed my parting and didn't change my fringe as requested because she 'kind of likes it that way' the cut looked a good if even not to my tastes. But no where near as horrifying as what happened in the next three hours.

Only wanting a light spray tan I headed in the 'tanning room'. My first surprise was that it was more of a mobile tanning booth that anything, with a pretty dirty towel lying at the bottom of it. No hair nets or paper knickers were provided... leaving no option but to ruin my own underwear. The formula was added to the gun, and I was asked to stand in the most bizarre position, not like any of my previous spray tans. My biggest worry came when the liquid started dripping off me. Eventually I was dabbed down and left to dry. The room was too dark to see properly... but I knew I was slowly becoming an umpalumpa...

Heading back out into the salon, ushered to the nail table. I didn't know what to do. I was told my current nails were illegal and that the nail salons where Chinese people work are illegal. I would have to have my current nails removed and replaced. I was shocked but the work had begun what could I do. I was stuck rigid, trying to think of a reason to get out of there. The girl was nice enough. After a gruelling two hours, my nails were complete. 4mm thick, bumpy, uneven nails. Some with acyclic missing the nail but all over my skin. Just awful.

Did I complain, no. It was clear from what happened when I paid, that I wasn't going to be offered a refund and would only have to endure more awful treatment. So I left to find another Salon to sort it. Every nail technician and Beauty Therapist I spoke to was horrified. Walking down the street I noticed people laughing at me, when I got in and looked in the mirror that would be because my face was nearly black and looked as if I had painting myself.

I don't know about others, but I am heading back down to the 'Illegal Chinese Shop' because for 3 or more years they have done beautiful nails, and never had a problem. It will take weeks for my fingers to heal where the acrylic has ripped my skin and made it bleed. And after scrubbing myself with lemon juice and bicarbonate soda for days my tan is now looking tame enough to leave the house.

Name and shame? No, not my style, but one thing is for sure, I'm going to stick to what I know from now on.

Friday, 4 May 2012

E.l.f Haul/Review

My 1st E.l.f Order.... excitingggg <3 <3

Please find all prices and links at the bottom :)


Duo Eye Shadow Cream

I got the cream eye shadows in two colours. One is 'Sugar Cookie' and the other 'Blueberry'. I have never been a great fan of cream eye shadows, but I absolutely love these! They smooth on to the eyelid beautifully and don't crease. I am defiantly going to get some more colours. You can see the swatches above. The Sugar Cookie I am wearing daily at the moment and I love the Blueberry for an evening look.

Brightening Eyeliner

I got two of these eyeliners, one in black, just simply as I wear black eyeliner most days and I like to have a couple of spares, and I got one in Midnight (swatched above below 'Blueberry' eye shadow). I got the Midnight colour to go with the Blueberry eye shadow and I think they go together really well. The eye liners don't aggravate my eyes, and they don't smudge off. I really like these.

Shimmer Eyeliner

I just got one of these in 'Precious Pink' to go with the Sugar Cookie eye shadow (swatched above below the Sugar Cookie eye shadow). I was a little wary as I have purchased glitter eyeliners before from other companies and they have always ended up aggravating my eyes and are now just sat in my collection not being used, a waste of money. This one however is great! I love the colour and effect it gives, great for a day look or a night look. E.l.f do these in so many pretty colours, I am going to have to buy a collection of them! This particular one goes great with the Sugar Cookie and the Brightening Eye Colour 'Pretty n Pink' (below). And I am sure it is going to go with many other colours too!

All the eyeliners include a sharpener too which is great!

Brightening Eye Colour

I got this in 'Pretty n Pink', as if you go back to my previous post you will find a Maybelline Quad with very similar colours which I love. I was using it everyday and thought every time I replace this its going to cost £7+, so I wanted a cheaper alternative, and here it is!! Absolutely over the moon with this, I can create a really nice day look, and as long as you are wearing an eyelid primer (E.l.f do a range of their own) this eye shadow will stay all day. I love it! Sorry the swatches don't show up that well but I can assure you, this is a great product!

Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

If you have read my Blog before, you will know by now that I really struggle with mascara. My eyes just do not like it and mostly I have to buy really expensive mascaras anything between £10.00 and £25.00. So I took a gamble on this one, especially as it is double ended. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID! This little mascara is brilliant, it doesn't upset my eyes, it doesn't clump, it looks great and it costs next to nothing! I am literally over the moon with this and I am going to buy the rest of E.l.f's mascaras, in the hope I am on to a winner! This is FANTASTIC!


I got a couple of brushes, the 'Smudge Eye Sponge' and the 'Eye Shadow Brush'. I love the sponge brush it is exactly what I wanted so that's great. I was not so impressed with the eye shadow brush, I find the bristles stubby, and handle is not tight in the brush so it wiggles around, which is a shame. I will probably try out the other brushes, but I won't but this one again.


Luscious Liquid Lipstick

I got this in 'Cherry Tart'. I got it to replace an Avon product that has been discontinued. I love this apart from the colour is not as bold as I would like. It is quite translucent, but teamed with a lipstick this is lovely.

Hypershine Gloss

I got this in 'Flirt' and I love it. The colour in the tube, is exactly the colour that comes out, and is exactly how it looks on your lips! I love the colour of this, and I am going to get a couple more in other colours. It's not overly sticky which is one of my gloss pet hates. Really happy with it.


The picture above really does not do the colour justice, which is 'Seductive'. At first I was a bit worried at the lipstick looked almost plastic, but once you start using it, you get that classic lipstick texture, it smooths on well and it has great colour. It goes great with the Cherry Tart Liquid Lipstick. Need some more of these before summer hits!!

Studio Glossy Gloss

These glosses were on offer for £1 when you spent £20. And I really wish I had gotten a load more, the two colours are 'Tangy Tangerine' and 'Dragonfruit'. They have a brush applicator, not a sponge, which I love as I think the sponges always end up a bit... minging? Lol! But these are really nice, great pigmentation!

Phewww.... last but not least...


All Over Colour Stick

This is an an all over stick, so basically, you can use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips. However I prefer it just for cheeks. I got it in 'Persimmon' and I love it, I will post a swatch for you soon. It has great staying power with a slight shimmer and its exactly what I need to chuck in my hand bag.

Minerals Foundation

If you read my Blog then you know how much I love mineral foundations, now this one is a really cheap one and even so I am impressed. To be honest, me personally I probably would feel comfortable wearing this alone, and I like to brush it over my liquid foundation. Nevertheless I will buy it again :)

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

This is a first time for me, and I'm still deliberating. I'm not sure about the highlighter, but I don't think that has anything to do with the product, I just think I personally don't like it. 

Shimmering Facial Whip

I got this after watching youtube reviews that rave about in, and I agree. It real does shimmer! And the colour is really great. Mine is in Lilac Petal and I really like it for summer. 

Complexion Perfection

So I got this because I have seen this type of product and been intrigued, but never bought. I'm a little confused by it! I'm not really sure whether it should be used before or after foundation. I'm using it after. And I quite like it. It does seem to make a difference. So if anyone out there can tell me whether I am using this right or not please let me know :)

So that is my review! Sorry it was quite long winded! Overall I am really happy with all of the products, and I will definitely be putting in another order! So thank you E.l.f for the great value products.


Cream Eye Shadows £1.50
Brightening Eyeliner £1.50
Shimmer Eyeliner £1.50
Brightening Eye Colour £1.50
Regular & Waterproof Mascara £1.50
Brushes £1.50
Liquid Lipstick £1.50
Hypershine Gloss £1.50
Lipstick £1.50
Studio Glossy Gloss £3.50
All Over Colour Stick £1.50
Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter £3.50
Complextion Perfection £3.50
Minerals Foundation £3.50
Shimmering Facial Whip £1.50

Blog Twitter @hattieblog
My Twitter @harrietcmc
E.l.f Twitter @ELFCosmeticsUK

Thanks Loveables xx