Tuesday, 28 February 2012

So busy!

Oh dear another big gap between blogs! Sorrrrry! Soooo busy at the moment, and when not busy, I'm ill!

Doing really great on the weight loss front! Lost 5 pounds the week before last! Last week I put one pound on, but as I been I'll I haven't being doing any fitness and was eating stuff I fancied instead of my diet foods. Im hopefully on the mend now so looking to start losing again this week!

So this week I'm in sunny Scotland! Travelling between Edinburgh and Glasgow looking at apartments ready for our big move. I've got a free day today though as moved all today's appoinments to tomorrow so Brett can come with me.

Going into Edinburgh shopping today! Find some bargains and get some stuff for Brett. Of course he is over the moon as I am doing all his cooking for him this week and have completely gutted his flat which he shares with lads he works with. Boys together = yucky!!

I looked at some flats yesterday and found a couple we want to see again l. By the end of this week we need to have found and paid for the new place! No biggy ha ha.

I only have a few weeks left in Peterborough before I move up to Glasgow, so fitting in seeing all my friends, nights out and of course I'm off to Portugal with work for a few days is proving tiring but all worth it. Met up with my girly Emma last week, we went to the Blue Bell where we met when we worked there. Saw all the old regulars and had an amazing time! Definitely want to fit it in again before we move. Anyway, I'm blogging from my phone which is not easy so I'm going to cut it short and blog properly soon.

Thanks lovables, H xxx

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