Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 16... Oh and I'm Moving To Scotland!!!

Hi All,

So big news today is that I am officially moving to Glasgow, Scotland. I literally cannot wait!!

I have secured a transfer to Glasgow with my company, Nandos, and I am going up on the 26th February for 8 days, to find and put down the deposit on a flat! Approx a month after that, we'll be moving all of our stuff up there and I can start in  my new job. We are moving to Glasgow as Brett's job is going to be there. I was a little disappointed as Edinburgh is by far my favourite place in Scotland (so far) but you can get the train from Glasgow to there in 40 minutes and its only £8.00. So I reckon I will be visiting over there a lot :)

We have already been speaking to Estate Agents and looking at places online 


We are looking for a really spacious big flat fully furnished so its quite hard to find places to look at. I get to spend another week in Edinburgh when I go up though as I am going to stay in Brett's new flat and get the train over to Glasgow in the day to save paying out for a hotel. Which is great as it means I can look at more of Edinburgh and do some more shopping there :) 

Anyway back on to my weight challenge... I have now lost a total of 8 pounds and I am hoping to lose another 4 this week. I am on alot of late shifts which means more time to do exercising. I spent ages on Just Dance this morning and the Wii Fit and burned off around 400 calories and it didn't even feel like working out as its great fun Might have another blast later on!

I can see the difference in me as well already, my face looks slimmers and I am starting to look a little slimmer which is great! I'm starting to put some penny's to one side so that when I get down to my ideal weight I can go on a little shopping spree! Or a big one ha ha!

I've looked into a few things I can do when I move to Glasgow to help make new friends and stuff and I'm hopefully going to do a one-night a week course at the college. It a make-up course so that's something that really interests me and hopefully there will be like minded people there as well. I am also looking for a new gym, beauty salon and hairdressers... I guess I should start looking for a Doctors and a Dentists as well lol.

Meal Planner This Week

Next weeks meal planner
I actually am counting down the days to my 'Naughty Day'. Gonna be one hell of a take away ha ha!

Well I'll keep you updated as I have been on my progress etc....

If you get time take a look at this blog... its the photographer who did our wedding and there are some gorgeous pics on there. http://funurgle.blogspot.com/2011/08/meredith-cleary-wedding-20th-august.html

Anyway speak soon.... Thanks Loveables x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 14

Well another productive week, lost another 4 pounds! So a total of SEVEN now!!! Well Happy!!

I've been on early shifts all week this week, so have found the evenings really hard, because thats when I am prone to snacking! I've had to create myself things that I can eat that feel like I'm being bad lol! Angel Delight was good!

I had butterscotch Angel Delight with a chocolate weight watchers biscuit crumbled into it with banana. The banana was horrible (as I don't like banana) but the rest was great!

I'm doing some more lates this week so hopefully it will be a bit easier and I will be able to fit in more exercise as well!

The Wii Fit is brilliant!! It weighs you, works out your BMI and really helps you to exercise well!!

I'm going to sort out my meal planner today and decide what I am eating for the rest of the week lol!!

Spk soon xx

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 8 (Beginning of Week 2)

Whhhhooopp Lost 3 pounds last week!!!!

Extra happy about this as I was a wee bit naughty over the weekend!

I've put together my meal planner for next week already, have missed off Monday though as that day is gone. Yesterday was pretty difficult as I was on the train mostly all day and didn't have any proper meals :( 

I worked really hard last week doing some exercise but struggled because if my knee, it is loads better now though so hoping to step up the fitness regime this week. I've had offers flooding in from friends to go to Zumba classes and aerobics, going to the gym etc, so I'm going to have to them up on it.

I had a great time in Edinburgh at the weekend, there is so much to see there, and so much history and heritage. Me and Brett had a a great time walking around the city looking at the beautiful buildings and doing a lot of shopping. I also ventured over to Glasgow yesterday for a quick meeting which was really productive.

We went to Edinburgh dungeons on Saturday... I'll post the pictures from that trip when I get a round to scanning them in but it was great fun. (Here's a pic I took on my phone while we were there). 

Its almost a show that you walk around with actors demonstrating what would of happened all those years ago in the dungeons.

It was really interesting and a good laugh as well. There are a couple of rides in there, nothing overly exciting but it was a bit of fun.

I went to all the make-up counters in Debenhams and picked up a new foundation, Elizabeth Arden, Flawless Finish Bare Perfection in Beige. Its great! When I initially used it, I thought it looked and felt quite runny, but you only need a tiny bit and it has a great natural coverage. Definitely feeling Elizabeth Arden at the moment. It was  a little pricey at £25.00 a bottle, but as you only need a small amount I expect it will last quite sometime. 

I managed to restrain myself and only buy one other make-up product on this trip, I bought the new No. 7 mascara, its called 'Lash Adapt'. The idea is that you put it on once for normal wear, two for party wear and so on.....
I went in intending to buy my usual Lash Extension mascara, but if you bought this new one you got a Eyeshadow Quad free and it happened to have colours in it that I wear regularly so I bought this one. I use No. 7 a lot, they are definitely my favourite high street brand. I started using them after I received a £5 off voucher at the till and now bought something just to use the voucher. Now I use them all the time, I find there mascaras are great as my eyes are very sensitive and mascara is always aggravating the problem, but No.7 ones don't do that. My other favourite high street brands are Marks and Spencer's Perfection range (there Minerals Powder is awesome), L'Oreal, MaxFactor are another of my big big favourites, I actually wouldn't be without their Facefinity Compact in my handbag. Collection 2000 is also one of my favourites if I am just buying a 'one off' colour.

I had a bit of a spree in Primark Edinburgh as I am soft for a bargain, got some great little bits in there. And Brett found some new slightly more pricey shops (the names of which I can't remember, think one was Urban Outfitters??) where he kitted himself out with some fancy hats and scarves. At one point he was so wrapped up for the cold he looked like the Michelin Man lol! 

We really had a great time. This picture was taken just before we left The Standing Order pub, a great huge pub that used to be a bank, the building was great and had lovely huge pillars in there. Almost a shame it was a pub.
Brett was preparing for the walk home through the hills and it was -2 degrees!

Anyway back to the diet!! I plan on loosing at least 4 pounds this week! I've already seen the difference a few pounds can make so this has spurred me on!! I'll keep you updated throughout the week!

My meal planner for the week:

Got quite a few left over calories and combing those with the exercise I plan to do, I shouldn't have any problems sticking to my limits!!

Should be good!

A few pictures below of my trip to see Brett.

Thanks loveables.... H xx

Before my meeting in Glasgow x

One of the Cathedrals in Edinburgh!

Walking home in the cold!

Brett x

Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 5

So far so good.... Stuck to my meal plan all week. Being a little naughty at the moment as I'm currently on the train to Edinburgh. Lost about 3 pounds already and can already start to see the difference. One of my regular customers who I haven't seen for a few weeks told me I have lost weight so that's good news! :) Think this weekend will be challenging as we are staying in a hotel and will be eating out for every meal so my little meal planner has gone a bit scew whiff... Going to be really careful though and stick to my allowance. However in my extremely heavy well over-packed-for-a-weekend suitcase I have packed some weight watchers cookies in amongst the mass of pot noodles I got 'on offer' for Brett to have in his lunches (keeping up with the wifely duties!) so I've no excuse to snack on chocolate bars ha ha. Managed to fit in some exercise today with my eventful trip to the train station. I managed to get off work a little early, spotted a train in 25 minutes. I quickly changed and ran to the station with my suitcase and rucksack (which was heavy enough to take to war for some reason). I arrived there to discover the train was cancelled! How annoyingggg! More annoying during my run to the station I realised I had forgotten my bloody headphones. With another train due in 25 minutes I decided to run all the way back to town, purchase new headphones. Did this in great time, except I then limped back to the station as my knee is throbbing again. Fail!!!! So now sitting on train dosed up in co-codamal. Hoping it will knock the pain out of my shoulder too! Anyway moving on.... Going to do some shopping this weekend. Excited about that as Edinburgh shops are a little better than peterborough's lol. Going to be grabbing some make-up (shocker) from the counters that they don't have anywhere near me at home, as I find picking colours online and getting them right a real chore. Brett is also going to take me to see some of the sights in Edinburgh which I am looking forward to. On Monday I'm travelling over to Glasgow for a meeting (gossip on that one coming soon). If I have time I'll take a small (or wee as the Scottish would say) wander around and see a bit of the place. Bretts job is moving back to Glasgow soon so sure I'll be spending a little time there! Back down to earth on Monday evening as heading back to Peterborough. Interesting week planned though. Tuesday will be doing plenty of fitness while waiting in for Mum's new phone (not so interesting), back to work on Wednesday and hopefully a catch up with my beautiful friend Lau Lau, work on thurs followed by another evening out with a friend and collegue from Notts! Chilling on Friday for a 7am start on Saturday which does however leave saturday night free.... So looking like a good week, but going to have plan in my calories carefully and make sure I fit in some exercise. Weigh in on Tuesday (maybe Monday night if I can be bothered, doubt it)! Keeping fingers crossed for minimum 3 pound loss! Catch you soon.... Thanks lovelies xx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 1

Well Day One went well :)

Stuck to my meal plan. Did as much exercise as possible but my knee is still really painful :( so going to have to be careful with that.

Found it more difficult in the evening than I did in the day as evening is usually when I snack. But other then that it was fine.

Have had a slip up this morning (Day 2) in that I woke up too late to fit in to my schedule lol! (Well I was working till 1.30am) so I have had to adjust it a little but I think it will be ok.

Also my plans for the weekend have suddenly changed as I'm going to Edinburgh to see my hubby (Yay cannay wait :)!!) so I'm going to have to make some adjustments to my meal plan. Not sure how its going to work as we will be eating out alot... but I'm just going to have to go for good meals not the naughty calorific ones.

Actually really looking forward to going away this weekend and seeing some more of Scotland. Me and Brett got engaged in Aberdeen when I went to see him for my birthday. I loved Aberdeen it was beautiful and the shopping was amazing. Its strange being on the coast, but its quite cold.  But the views are gorgeous. 

(Pics of me and Brett in Aberdeen. The beach is massive! Beautiful but freezing!)

I'm going after work on Friday (urggghh drag night time train journey... not so fun) and staying until Monday. On Monday I'm heading over to Glasgow for the day before returning to Edinburgh to get the train home (works out cheaper that way!). I'll post pics of my trip on my return!

Catch up with you again soon.... Thanks Lovelies xx

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A little bit in love with Elizabeth Arden at the moment...

Thought I would share my thoughts of the beautiful Elizabeth Arden Make-Up Gift set my husband got me for Christmas. I love Estee Lauder and MAC, and love the good old high street brands of course. But this year Brett treated me to the Elizabeth Arden gift set and I have fallen in love with it.

The set has everything you need on a daily basis right down to remover. 

The eye shadows glide on beautifully and bronzer/blusher quad is brilliant. I find the mascara a little cloggy, but by far my favourite are the eye-liners. There are three colours, Taupe, Espresso and Smoky Black. Smoky Black is fab, 'does exactly what it says on the tin' type of thing.

It also came with this great weekender bag which is fantastic. You can fit loads in it and obviously it matches the vanity case which is lovely for weekend breaks.

The set also comes with brushes which are brilliant quality.

I find the girls on the Elizabeth Arden counter really helpful as well compared to some of the other counters who want you to make an appointment to buy foundation.... really.... get a grip (I'm paying you thirty quid a bottle just gimme the damn stuff!!). I'm definitely going to use Elizabeth Arden a lot more now I've tried it out.

I have to say though I will stick with Estee Lauder for their foundation, its a luxury item with a big price tag, but an absolute must once you have tried it!

Brett also got me the Provocative Woman perfume to go with everything, I love it so much I could wear it everyday, but at the moment its my 'Special Occasion' perfume. 

Seriously girlie's if your looking for a bit of luxury make up give this a go. I visited the Elizabeth Arden counter just before my wedding and they were great helping me find the right colour foundation and suggested colours for the big day.

In Peterborough John Lewis has the better counter.

I've just ordered MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation... I'll let you know how I get on with it when it arrives :)

Thanks for reading lovelies.... xx

Week One!

The shopping has been done, the various wii fitness games have been purchased and set up, meals are planned for the week and I'm ready to ditch the extra weight. Little worried that my dodgy knee is still playing up but hopefully it will be well enough to work out on.

Have hidden all the naughty foods from sight and made sure that there are plenty of healthy low calorie snack foods around!

I'm actually quite looking forward to it.

Some people may find it silly to be making such a big deal out of a diet, but I am determined this is going to work! 

My meal planner seems pretty over the top, but I need to know what I'm doing lol!

I've fitted all my meals into my days so that I'm eating the right thing at the right time!

My hubby and family are being really supportive and encouraging which is great as they are going to have to put up with my whinging, whining and moaning about wanting chocolate and kfc lol. 

Hoping to lose at least 3 pounds this week! 

Wish me luck... thanks loveables :) x

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The last supper!!

My last disgustingly huge takeaway before diet starts! Love love LOVE KFC.

Ready for Monday!

So me and my mum are getting all prepared for Monday.
The wii fit has been set up and has told us how fat we are (too fat) lol.

We have stocked up on healthy foods and healthy convenience foods like fruit and low fat yogurts so we dont binge on snacks! Everything is set for monday! Apart from we need to eat all the crap that is left in the house from christmas and what we dont eat chuck out lol.

Thought I would amuse you all with some pretty awful 'before' pictures of myself!

Pigging out on christmas day.... 

On honeymoon.....

Trying on my wedding dress...

Hopefully next time I'm posting pics I'll be looking a little bit slimmer :)

Its time to start.... My Journey :)

Thanks Lovelies xx

Sites I have found useful before my diet shopping trip!





I had a look for some ideas before I go to do my food shopping, there are some good ones on the above website.

Thanks loveables xx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Some Photos I took on mine and Brett's Honeymoon

Our Honeymoon... <3

Brett and I got married on the 20th August 2011. It was a great day and I will put some photos of that up another time. But here are some photos from our honeymoon, some are memories, others are my favourite pictures. My brother Graeme bought us a really nice Lumix Camera for our wedding present so we tried our best to take some good photos.

Taken on one of the terraces at my Nana and Grandads house, Villa Jamaire, in Ozankoy, Cyprus. My Grandparents were kind enough to let us use their holiday home and pay for flights for our honeymoon as a wedding present. We had a great time there.

This is Sophie. She lives in the grounds of Villa Jamaire. I adore cats, and Brett has grown to like them alot as well. Which is good as there are alot of cats in Cyprus. Sophie is particularly cheeky, running in the villa at any opportunity.

Milkshakes at our favourite cafe in the Harbour. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the cafe now. But we went there every day and the staff always remembered us.

Taken from the garden at the villa. 

This is Brett posing well. He looks like a proper model with his tan lol.

This cat was at the harbour. One of my favourite pictures from our honeymoon.

Best Meze in Cyprus as the Rose Garden. Have loved this restaurant this restaurant since I was 14 and Brett fell in love with it straight away too. The whole restaurant is outside in a rose garden (obviously) and all the food is cooked on a huge bbq. All the cold items are made fresh and this is obvious from how great it all tastes.

This is Bruiser. He also lives at the grounds of the villa, and has been since my Nana and Grandad bought it about 12 or so years ago. I remember him when I was younger jumping on the table when you weren't looking and eating the food! He is not so naughty now but still remains loyal to the Villa.

This is the view from our bedroom balcony at Sunset. It was so beautiful the picture doesn't do it justice.

This poor little fella has had his ear ripped off by another cat. Didn't have an affect on his begging skills though... in fact somewhat helped him.

It was taken at the Five Fingers restaurant... very English. However a beautiful view of Abbey Bell Tower at night from the roof terrace.

Lovely little baby turtle, fresh out of his egg. Its great to watch this on the beach. Although the night time hatchlings are the best.

The pic above is from a small cafe near the Abbey Bell Tower. Not gifted with that special talent of looking flawless even on holiday its not the best picture of me, but still a great picture of us enjoying our honeymoon. We had a really great time on our honeymoon and there are hundreds of pics but I can't fit them all on here.

Having a Treat won't necessarily kill your Calorie Allowance....

The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of the companies stated below. I am not a health professional merely an experimental blogger.


I have made a list of some tasty treats from my favourite takeaways and there  calorie content!
My theory is if I know there is something I can eat I will stick to that less calorific item rather than splurging my whole daily allowance in a couple of mouthfuls....

Let me know what you think...  


450 or Less
1/4 Chicken Breast with Corn and Peas = 392
Mixed Leaf salad with Chicken = 317
3 Wings and 2 Corn = 317
3 Wings with Spicy Rice = 378
1/4 Chicken Breast with Spicy Rice = 324
1/4 Chicken Breast with Spicy Rice and Corn = 423
500 or Less
1/4 Chicken Breast with Spicy Rice and Peas = 482
Chicken Pitta and Corn = 485
Vegi Pitta and Corn = 483
Beanie Pitta (on its own!) = 476
1/4 Chicken Breast with Coleslaw and Corn = 499
3 Wings with Mash 461
Small Treats
Nata = 210
Mango Sorbet =186
Yogurt = Approx 100 per 100ml
Chilly Billy Lolly = 49.5

Cheeseburger, Sml Fries and Diet Coke = 529
4 Chicken Nuggets, Sml Fries and Diet Coke = 404
6 Chicken Nuggets, Sml Fries and Diet Coke = 484
Bagel with Philadelphia, Orange Juice = 383
Fish Fingers, Sml Fries and Diet Coke = 429

Bacon & Cheese wrap = 410
Sausage Roll = 360
Cheese & Tomato Pizza = 290
Yum Yum = 340
Bacon Roll = 380
Golden Syrup Oats = 260
Chicken & Sweetcorn Sandwich on Oat = 310
Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich on Oat = 310

2 Hot Wings and Corn = 315
4 Hot Wings and Corn = 480
1 Piece and Corn = 394
1 Piece and Chips = 491
2 Hot Wings, Chips and Corn = 562
Cheese BBQ Roller and Corn = 390

The places above are the ones that I find it hardest to stay away from. I work at Nandos and eat there everyday which is why that particular 'menu' is a little more structured. I walk past Greggs everyday on my way to work and often find myself nipping in there on a morning to grab some brekkie. McD's is just convenience, often Brett and I will nip through the drivethru on a busy day, I thought that by just having a double cheeseburger I wasn't having that much.... how wrong could I be! And KFC is just my favourite takeaway ever lol.

I found all this information on the company websites. I've printed it off and stuck it in the back of my food diary so that its to hand all the time. I find it really useful. Its a bit time consuming to put together but worth it if stops you splurging all your calories away in one sitting.

Let me know what you think... thanks lovelies xx

The opinions expressed here are my own and not those of the companies stated above. I am not a health professional merely an experimental blogger.


Well here goes nothing....

Well this is new... lol

I've explained slightly at the top, but in brief I've decided to give myself a bit of a kick up the backside I will blog my weight loss progress!

I used to be a slim size 10 around the 11 stone mark. I always thought that was too big! But now I am a much rounder size 16 and I'm guessing around 14 stone :( pretty disgraceful! I haven't weighed myself yet (I'm going to grab myself some of those posh scales that give you your bmi etc). I've piled on the pounds since I met my husband (see pic of our second meeting! considerably slimmer!) and got a little bit too comfortable! My hubby on the other hand still looks his lean trimmed self plodding along to the gym two or three times a week, while I on the other hand stay at home snacking on chocolates and pringles. (See pic below of me looking not so thin... sitting down to another huge meal with my noticeably leaner husband and brother).

My plan is fairly simple, the diet starts on monday. The preparation has been great. Eating all the foods I won't be able to eat from monday, designing my plan, downloading all the just dance songs I want.

Because the twist is, I'm not doing this traditional, go to the gym eat carrots only diet, I'm going to eat what I like, as long as I don't go over my daily calorie allowance. And quite frankly I don't have time to go to the gym 4 times a week, so my husband has bought me a Nintendo Wii with a load of fat busting games. I'll check my weight once a week on a Sunday and use My Fitness Pal keep track of my munching. And then I'll log it all on my blog to either share my success or die of embarrassment at my failure.

Currently I have a horribly painful knee, but after a steroid injection and meds from the doctor, hopefully it will be fighting fit in time for my fat battle!

I have already created a list of meals I can have from my favourite take aways to eliminate that "I can't go in there" feeling which leads to "Well just this once won't hurt"... I'll post them later today...

Until the next time.... thanks for reading lovables xx

My Fitness Pal - Try It