Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Massive Catch Up!

Sorry Its Been So Long!

So first of all.... big apologies for the length of time between blogs.

We have had a lot happening what with moving to Glasgow, Scotland etc. On top of it all I have been a little unwell and spent a short time in Hospital. I have been off work now for two months, and still am. I hope to return shortly.

The Big Move!

So on the 12th March 2012 we moved from Peterborough to Glasgow!
We have now settled into our new place and are really happy. Brett is currently still commuting to Edinburgh for work, but hopefully the new job in Glasgow will begin shortly.

I'll post some pics of our new place and the surrounding area soon.

Missing My Friends

I have been feeling a little fed up recently, as I have been unable to work, I haven't met anyone yet so I have been stuck in the flat on my own a lot. My Mum came up last week, which was great. She got to see our house and everything and we just chilled out. My friend Coral is coming up in May and hopefully at some point our friend Sarah will come too. So I am really looking forward to it. 

I speak to my friends and family all the time, via phone, email and text. But its not quite the same as actually having a cup of coffee together, or a jaunt to the shops.

My biggest disappointment of late is that due to some appointments I have with the hospital, I am unable to go to my best friend Michaels wedding. I am so gutted I can not be there, but know they will have a great day!

So I thought I would just put up a few memories I have of my nearest and dearest friends...

Mr Michael and the soon to be Mrs Sherman!

November 2008 - Every Step Of The Way lol
I have known Michael since 2008! We met through mutual friends on nights out, more than likely in Liquid (Shitquid) Nightclub! There was always a large group of us out on the weekends! And more often than not and as silly as it sounds people would fall over themselves to go out with 'Michael Sherman'. I swear he was like a mini celeb or something. Girls would fall at his feet all the time! But for me I never saw Michael as this adorable hunk but just a nice honest funny guy and literally just enjoyed his friendship. And still do! He's probably reading right now, thinking what a geek lol.

Me, Zoe, Sarah and Laura June 2011

After seeing girls come and go, serious and not serious, I am so pleased that Michael has now met the lovely Zoe. They are getting married in just over a week and I'm so happy for them both. I think Zoe is a lovely girl and so pleased she makes Michael happy. They have the gorgeous girls and are just a fab family. I have always said to Michael that he will be my friend for the rest of my life, and that goes for him and his whole little family.


Not a great pic... but the only one I have!!! :( March 2012
I have not knowne Holly all that long, I met her in about July 2011 when we both started work at Nandos Peterborough! And I am really glad that we did as I love her soooooo much!! Crazy Karaoke nights with Holly are always just what I need to cheer me up and Holly always knows just what to say to put things straight! I miss her loads. 

Coral (Cwarrel, Cozza)

October 2009
She's gonna kill me for those names lol! Aw where to begin with Coral. I have been trying to work this out for ages and still haven't... I have no idea how or why or where I met Coral. Which is strange as she is by far one of my closet  friends, we still talk almost daily, we send each other shit in the post and seriously have each others backs. From getting out of the bed in the middle of the night for family emergencies, to being damn hard on each other for our own good, we've done it. I literally can not wait for her to visit soon. Harry Potter Marathons, Danny Dyer marathons, shopping trip if I am well enough and plenty of giggles!!

I can trust Coral with anything and know that when mI need her she is there right away and vice verus.

Princess Lau Lau

July 2011
Yes she is a Princess and yes I worship her lol! Love Laura! Met her about three or more years ago, only just recently we started spending alot of time together, but within weeks of that happening I knew it was one of those friendships you know is uncondintional and I asked her to be my bridesmaid! She helped plan my Hen Do and really did so much for me leading up to the wedding. Putting dress makers and hotel managers straight and keeping me sane lol.

We have loads of giggles and she constantly makes me laugh!

I really miss Laura as I can rely on her for calm conversation and when we meet up we can chat for hours and really care about what each other is saying. I really hope I see her soon. Another one of my bridesmaids!

Sarah 'squidgie'

July 2011
Met Sarah about 3 or 4 years ago and good job I did seeing as I wouldn't met my husband if it wasn't for her lol! Sarah was getting her nails done at the same time as me for Christmas and Brett was there paying for hers as her present. The rest is history anyway... me and Sarah met on very odd circumstances properly ha ha but I'm glad we did!! We have a great time when we go out and you can always rely on Sarah for dragging you out the house when you need it but don't know it. We have had some really funny random nights out and I'm sure there will be more to come!! Hoping she can make it up here soon. She arranged most of my hen do with Laura and did an amazing job! It was bloody brilliant and we had a great time!! she was also one of my bridesmaids!


Probably the friend I have knowne longest out of this selection! Lol. Probably around 5 or 6 years now! We met working at The Blue Bell pub, we hated each other at first but then discovered that we actually loved each other lol. I don't get to see Emma very often but when we do we have a great time! We are terrible when we go out! We lived together for a short while once and had an awesome time. We are a bit like sisters in that sense. We can go literally months without seeing each other and when we catch up its like we saw each other yesterday!!



Left to Right: Mel, Holly, Coral and Me March 2012
Again, I only met Mel when I started at Nandos Peterbourgh in July 2011, but I get on  with her so well! I just see myself 5 years ago when I look at her! I'm sure we will be keeping in touch and hope qto catch up with her soon :) 

So those are some of my closet friends who I really miss right now! Hope they don't mind me writing about them lol! Hopefully I will see they all soon.... Love them all lots! :)

You can count your true friends on one hand... two if your really lucky...

Everyone should have
a friend like you
You are so much fun to be with
And you are such a good person
You crack me up with laughter
And touch my heart with your kindness
You have a wonderful ability
To know when to offer advice
And when to sit in quiet support
Time after time
You've come to my rescue
And brightend so many
Of my routine days
And time after time
I've realized how fortunate
I am that my life includes you
I really do believe that
Everybody should have a friend like you
But so far it looks like
You are one of a kind!

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