Thursday, 21 June 2012

Glossy Box: June 2012

Well it has arrived! My first ever Glossy Box! Excitement bubbled within me as I tore open the packaging to find out what my first 5 items are. So here it is.... June 2012's Glossy Box.

The Products

Summer Warmth Bronzer by BM Beauty

Product Description
"A medium, golden mineral bronzer which flatters most skin tones. Sweep over the face for a Summer glow, use as an eyeshadow, or even mix with body lotion to create a shimmering bronzing cream." Glossy Box
I love a good bronzer, so was so please with this, the product is great, not too 'glittery' like a lot of bronzers. I would happily buy this product at the normal price of £8.00 (4g)

Serie Exclusiv Pro Beauty Brush by Glossy Box

Product Description
"This timeless and classic series in matt black comes in a noble and elegant design. Made with best quality goat hair with natural tips from Asian mountain goats. The supersoft hair is collected when the cost is trimmed, then sanitised and bundled by hand to make these smooth and resilient cosmetic brushes. With lots of volume, these brushes can absorb large amounts of powder and apply your make-up in a soft way." Glossy Box

Being honest, while I think the brush is good, I personally wouldn't pay the usual price of £15.00. But this is just personal preference.

 Sexy Pulp Mascara by Yves Rocher France

Product Description
"For an even more glamorous look!
Its generously curved brush perfectly hugs your lashes for lash-by-lash volume without clumping. Its creamy texture thickens and coats lashes without weighing them down for even more volume." Glossy Box

I really love this product, it has similarities to my fave mascara Rimmel Scandel Eyes, although the brush is a different shape. At £16.90 for 9ml, I need to use this a bit more to think whether I would buy it.

Dermablend™ Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream Stick by Vichy Dermablend

Product Description
"Dermablend Corrective Foundation is ideal for camouflage of skin concerns such as dark circles, acne marks, redness, dark spots, vitiligo, and the masking of tattoos. Product benefits: 40% pigment concentration- Twice the coverage of a traditional foundation.
Fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.
Sweat resistant & water resistant.
SPF 30.
Long lasting-14Hr hold.
Natural finish, with no mask effect.
Available in 7 shades"

This product absolutely does what it says it is going to. However for me personally I don't feel I would have the use for this as I don't want this much coverage. But if you are someone that wants a lot of coverage, or you have something you want to cover up, then this is definitely for you. At £19 for a full sized product of 12g, I think that is a pretty reasonable price.

Eau Provocateur by Agent Provocateur

Product Description
"Agent Provocateur ‘Eau Provocateur’, a new collection of three new feminine, sensual and tantalizing day fragrances.
These 3 new ‘Eau Provocateur’ scents are individually unique but when brought together offer an array of sensuality and a variety of permutations for the imagination. The spirit of Agent Provocateur is not purely for night time pleasures as this stunning new collection of lighter fragrances epitomizes the playful side of modern femininity and celebrates irreverence, confidence and female empowerment."

By far by favourite product in this edition! These perfumes are gorgeous! My most liked is the red bottle. I have worn it twice already! Gorgeous. I would definitely splurge the £39.00 on 50ml of this beauty.

So there we have it, my first Glossy Box. I am over the moon with the first lot of products, and would definitely recommend Glossy Box to anyone who asked. Hope you enjoyed... xx 


  1. Exciting, I love getting things in the post, and even more so when it's a box of surprises! I've been debating which beauty box to sign up for recently myself, so hard to choose just one!
    This looks like a great selection.
    Mel x

    1. I debated for ages too, and just decided to go for this one, and I think I made the right choice. It is defo the leading one I think. So exciting!! xx

  2. I loved this month's box:) glad you enjoyed your first one, xx

    1. Its great! Really love it, can't wait for next month xx