Monday, 18 June 2012

Shopping Heaven: Braehead Shopping Centre, Glasgow

This is the first in what will be a line of posts about Shopping Centres. As you all know, I <3 Shopping oh so much and I thought it would be nice for me to give you my opinions on the Shopping Centres I visit.

So Braehead Shopping Centre was the first to get my undivided attention this weekend.

The shopping centre itself is massive, with well over 50 shops, and a huge Food Hall, add to that it is right next too Braehead Retail Park and a huge Ikea, you've got yourself a nice day out!

The shopping centre has plenty of parking and regular buses, so the transportation links are good. When entering the centre from the car park where Marks and Spencer's is, you walk in to a well kept glistening shopping centre. Shops range from M & S, to HMV, to Superdrugs, to Lipsy and Primark. The centre also boasts an impressive Apple store. There is something for everyone here.

I know that Primark is often a big factor of why people would go to a particular centre, it certainly is for me. So a brief run down of this particular store is an impressive one. Clean and tidy (not always the case for Primark), initially you would think this is quite a small store. But it isn't, stretching across just one floor, there is a huge women's area, men's and kid's. This Primark also contains a pretty good Home section. Out of the six in Glasgow, this is probably my 2nd favourite.

There is also a pretty large New Look store, and again this is my 2nd favourite in Glasgow. Myself and my husband will spend a good few hours wandering aimlessly around Braehead, popping in and out of shops, usually buying things we didn't intend too.

As I mentioned before, Braehead also has a fantastic food hall, making it easy to spend your day here. A great range of food outlets to choose from, including fast food chains such as McDonalds and Fat Jackets, and some higher end casual dining restaurants, Prezzo, Handmade Burger and more. If you are visiting the centre, bear in mind that lunchtime is peak time, and you may have a short wait, but it will be worth it. The restaurants in the centre are well decorated, and exactly as you would expect to find them.

Back on to the shopping experience, none of the shops seem cramp, and you can browse through them at your leisure, and with the brilliant opening hours, there's no need to rush. Open from 10am to 9pm Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.30pm on a Saturday and 10am to 6pm on Sundays, these hours will suit everyone's individual lives.

Also next to the centre in Xscape which is home to SNO!zone, Odeon Cinema, Bowling Alley and more, you really can have a full day here.

My overall opinion is this shopping centre is ideal for shopping addicts, families, days out, anyone really. You will find whatever you are looking for, and if you need any help with anything, you won't have an issue.

This is by far my favourite shopping centre in Glasgow. I hope you get time to check it out, you won't regret it.


Braehead Shopping Centre:
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  1. Hi :) I live in Glasgow, but I always go to Silverburn! mostly because I work there lol but if I was to choose either one it would definitely be Silverbrun, it jsut feels more fabby! hehe I would go to Braehead for a specific item that is not in Silverburn, such as the new Hollister store :O oooo sooo good!! :D

    Me and my boyfriend go to Xscape allll the time! we are like their most regular customers haha, but mostly for the amazing cinema or for dinner!

    Hope you do one of these on Silverburn :D hehe

    Jen xxx

    1. Hi!

      I know Silverburn very well as I worked there for a short time too! I do love it there, and will do a post on it, but I am a bit of a Primark freak, and Silverburn doesn't have one :(

      But I know what you mean, it feels very sparkly there.

      H xx

  2. I like Primark if it's tidy and large or I don't bother, I also quite like online shopping as I don't have time to always go to the shops :)

    Tanesha x

    1. I know what you mean, hate it when its a mess! I am killer for online shopping when I am ill, hubby goes mad!! xx