Thursday, 19 July 2012

Chit Chat: I'm Back and So Sorry!

Oh my goodness how long has it been! I am so sorry! My laptop charger packed up and its taken forever for the replacement to arrive! I was hoping I was still going to be able to blog using my iPad but that didn't work out. So I am really sorry that I have been gone so long.

Anyway, this is just a little post to say I am back and normal service will be resumed, both here and on my youtube channel!! I've got lots to talk about. Me and Brett have been away on a little spa break where we had a wonderful time. It's also been my birthday so I have a 'Birthday Haul' to show you. Also I have reverted back to my original (well nearly) hair colour of blonde, which has been a long and painful experience! So perhaps it has been a blessing in disguise that I have not been on camera lol!

Anyway, like I said I will be back as normal from now. How is everyone? Hope you are all well! Thanks loveables xx

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