Monday, 30 July 2012

7 Things... A New Month

As you may already know, I have been taking part in the 7 Things post, created by the wonderfully inspiring,  Sprinkle of Glitter, Louise. As we are about to go into August, I thought I would update you all with which 7 Things I am going to be concentrating on for the next few weeks, and maybe even month. And also to let you know how I got on last month.

Last Month.....

My little girly space!
1.) Get Organised - As you probably already know, I am getting a little obsessed with storage solutions, but I still haven't got everything just as I want it so I am going to concentrate on one area a week until it is just how I like it. This week I will be working on my Walk In Wardrobe (it's not as posh as it sounds!).
Hurrah! The wardrobe is now complete. I kidnapped Brett and ventured down to Ikea where I picked up some simple drawers and some of those wonderful drawer organisers. I also grabbed various pots and jars to keep things in and a small simple purple rug. The whole room is now sorted, bar the fact that once the rest of my clothes come from my storage centre I may need some more hanging space. Once I had everything straight I realised that there was plenty of room to have a little sitting area to do my make up and get ready. I also use this little space to read a book or watch a girly film when I feel like some 'me' time.

If you are interested in a full blog post or video on my wardrobe please let me know and I will do it :)

2.) Get Active - Up until around 6 months ago, I was working hard at eating healthier and doing more exercise, but since my illness, I have not really done that much, and the pounds I lost have been creeping back on. So my plan is to workout at least 2-3 times a week and try and get more activity back into my life to try and lose those pounds again!
Well I better be honest and say that while I have been poretty good with doing sit ups and push ups etc, I have been pretty awful at actually doing anything that will actually burn off the calories. In my defence, I am still struggling wiht my joint pain and that doesn't make things easy. However I really do need to get a rocket up my bum and get on with loosing some weight. Help anyone??

3.) Stick to my Diet - In line with the same as the above, I have been doing a bit of YoYo dieting which is never a good move, I really need to stick to the plan, which currently is Rosemary Conley's Inch Loss Plan. I am determined to stick to this, and I will of course report back the results.
I did pretty well with eating, and still am. I have been cutting out snacks and eating healthier meals. However I do still need to find a diet I enjoy and stick to it as currently I haven't found one I enjoy enough to stay at for a long period of time. Answers on a postcard please.

4.) Get Reading - I used to be quite an avid reader! But other time, I have read less and less, especially with all my prised books being tucked away in storage at the moment. However, I have been taking books out of my local library but never actually get around to reading them. I have just taken out My Sisters Keeper, and I am determined to read this book!
So, I didn't really get in to My Sisters Keeper, which is a shame as I have been wanting to read it for some time. However, 50 Shades of Grey on the other hand, is a pretty decent read and I have the 2nd one lined up for when I have finished it. My mum has also suggested I read Rebecca, so I will be looking for that at the library next time I go.

5.) Blogging - This seems like a bit of a cop out, as clearly I already do this regularly, but what I mean is, I want to write more interesting posts and find my individuality within the world of blogging. Any suggestions? Let me know in the comments or drop me an email
Let's be honest. Complete epic fail. My laptop wasn't working, my iPad wouldn't do as I asked, and all around a pretty pathetic effort. I will do better I promise.

6.) Chill Out - Probably sounds almost selfish, but to be honest I just don't know how to 'chill'. I allow myself to get very stressed out and tired, which does not help my illness, and don't spend enough time taking time out for myself, so this week I want to take some quiet time, face masks, long baths, meditation and some trips to the Health Spa. 
Well other than things beyond my control, I think I succeeded. We went on a Spa weekend, which was fab and I plan to go again which my mum soon. We had a weekend in Edinburgh. I've also put my little room/wardrobe to use of doing a bit of pampering. So a good effort here!

7.) Get financially sensibles! - Since I had to give up my job due to my illness, I have found it increasingly difficult to getting used to having no pennies of my own! My husband (God Bless Him) is fantastic at supporting us both and works very hard at doing so. However I need to learn that I can not just go on my little willy nilly shopping trips anymore, and need to start planning what to do with my 'allowance' as such! But I am sure you all know how difficult it is to resist the latest lipstick, the drawer of a new nail colour, and even worse I have a swish Mac store down the road! I haven't bought anything yet though so at least I am controlling that!
I am unbelieveably impressed with myself here! I have only been to Primark once! (Haul coming soon to my YouTube channel) And I have been really reserved with shopping. So if I keep on the straight and narrow, I may get a nice holiday or something. :)

So there is how I got on last month.... what shall I concentrate on this month??

My New 7 Things...

1. Sleep! This is top of my list as I have extremely bad trouble sleeping. I think my worst example in recent weeks was still being awake when Brett got up for work. Bad times. I have medication from the doctor, but it isn't helping any more. So I need to change it maybe, but also I want to find other things that can help. Ie, mobile phone banned from bedroom, no TV an hour before bed, reading, a mattress topper and some fluffy pillows, anything that gives me a slim chance of sleeping! If anyone out there has any advice or ideas, please let me know as I am going out of my mind!

2. Getting Organized: The Kitchen Chapter. So I have done the wardrobe and now its the turn of the kitchen. I am pretty sorted in this room, but its not husband proof so I need to come up with a system that works for everyone. 

3. Lose Some Weight: I know I started this last month, but this is going to be ongoing. I think my plan is do the weekly updates like I did before, give me a bit of a push and reason not to fail. Any support with this is openly welcomed.

4. Cherish The Memories: I have loads of photos on memories cards, on my pc and prints from years back. I want to get some matching albums, and try and make some order of it all. My Nana and Grandad have a really impressive photo collection, with every moment documented. I love nothing more than looking through them all with my Nana, and I want to be able to do the same with my future children and grand children.

5. Spend Quality Time with Brett: Since we moved to Glasgow, Brett works a lot and I have been ill a lot and we have fallen into a routine. I want us to start going out a bit more and enjoying each others company without the the mundane routine of everyday life. So I think we are going to go to some them parks and nice restaurants and just have some 'us' time.

6. Swimming: I know I already have the 'Lose Weight' but I am making this seperate, as I alwasy think to myself 'I'll go swimming tomorrow' and then don't go. I really love swimming, and the pool is included at my gym, complete with sauna, jacuzzi and steam room. So I really want to go a couple of times a week.

7. Plan a Holiday: Last but by no means least, I want to plan a trip[, it may not be until next year, but I want to know we are going to go and have a nice break away from work, college, the stresses of routine life and just have some fun, relax on a beach or whatever. We want to go somewhere, neither of us have been, so I will have to look far and wide.

So these are my new 7 Things. What do you think? Any advice or suggestions? Comment down below with the link to your 7 Things if you are involved? I'd love to see what you are up to.

Thanks Lovables xxx


  1. Hey! I'm new to your blog, hope you don't mind me checking and commenting ;)

    Sounds good! I'm not involved with the movement of exact 7 things, but tend to do my own monthly anyway and I can totally relate to the majority of things you are describing. I think it's a good way to stay organized and achieve goals, moreover, it's always interesting to come back after a while and see, which of the points were achieved and when. So maybe if you don't mind I'll also borrow the idea and make a post about some of my goals for August

    Good luck with all your goals! I'll keep my fingers crossed and then be interested in reading, how did it go ;)

    1. Hey there,

      You should definately go and check out Sprinkle of Glitters blog. She came up with the idea and now alot of people are getting involved. I am glad you enjoyed it.

      Look forward to seeing your post, let me know when it is up x