Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A New Make-Up Experience: CosmeticsINC Boutique and Website

As you guys already know, there is nothing I love more than discovering a new brand, so you can imagine 
how excited I was to find a new make-up boutique in my hometown of Peterborough. Being a huge supporter of new brands and new businesses within my hometown, I got in touch with the owners and creators of this new brand, to bring you a little more information about this exciting new boutique.

The boutique, CosmeticsINC is located at 41 Bridge Street in Peterborough City Centre, and is a beautiful display of all things girly, complete with a pink floor! Now obviously, not all of my readers reside in Peterborough, but all over the country, so you can check out the website here.

First let me tell you a little about the owners, Gary and David. Gary has been working in the beauty industry for nearly a decade, starting out at his local Boots No.7 counter as a consultant, and then becoming a make-up artist. Gary has worked freelance at all types of events, fashion shows, on film sets and photo shoots. On top of his own freelance work, Gary has also worked with all the major top brands, the most recent being Christian Dior. David has also had a lot of experience in the make-up industry, starting out in Theatres as young as 6 years old. He has an amazing creative streak, with plenty of ideas! Together Gary and David have created a brand, that takes David’s artistic streak and Gary’s technique to “create make-up that is effective and high performance as much as any high end brand, but is also as wearable as any high street brand.” Rest assured, these men know what they are doing.

Now let’s talk shop! The boutique as I mentioned earlier is a haven for make-up loving ladies (and guys). I am sure I have mentioned before, as have many other bloggers, that Make-up Counters are now becoming almost unapproachable. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel too uncomfortable to go browse, therefore not making purchases that I may have made. Gary and David have picked up on this and have made sure that their boutique is “as quirky as it is beautiful”. I visited the boutique twice before getting in touch with the guys, and I can assure you, you will be able to browse at your leisure, and not be bombarded with sales tactics for products you don’t want or need.  However, if you are someone that prefers a little help, the guys will be more than happy to guide you around the store and help you apply products that they know will work well for you. In their own words, “Making people feel happy and to have fun is our primary aim”.

I wanted to chat a little bit about the website, as I already mentioned, a lot of people reading this, will be living far away from Peterborough, but you should still go and check out the website and see the gorgeous products the guys have to offer. Whether you are looking for mineral eye shadows, primers, or nail varnishes CosmeticsINC have it covered for you. Another product that I have already seen in the store, and definitely plan on purchasing are some of the brushes, the quality is beautiful and they are reasonably priced.

The website...

I really hope that you will go and check out CosmeticsINC boutique/website. Let me know what you think? Have you bought any of the products yet?

This isn’t the last you have heard from me talking about CosmeticsINC either, as soon as I have purchased some of the products, I will of course come back to you with a full review, but I can already tell, you won’t be disappointed. Happy shopping.... xx


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