Sunday, 5 August 2012

What I am Reading: 50 Shades Trilogy

Ok ok ok I know you will be thinking old news and shouting at the screen about 'about time!'. But I have to be honest, it was not the sort of book I would normally read, not because its erotic, but the romance thing never does grasp me that well. Anyway, eventually even my husband was telling me I should read it, so on the way to out Spa break I picked the first two books up at the service station.

They sat in my bag, then on the bedside table and then on the shelf for a couple of weeks. Despite every woman in the spa reading a copy. I finally got a round to giving it a go when I had a long train journey to go on. I did have to force myself through the first few chapters. But once the story line really got going I was enthralled. However, I do have to mention that I don't find the writing style that great. There is a lot of receptiveness, but the story is so romantic and exciting, I have seen past it.

So I started reading the first book, 50 Shades of Grey on Sunday evening on the train, and despite an extremely busy week, I am now on the last chapter on the second book, 50 Shades Darker. The second book is in my opinion, a lot less erotic that the first, and frankly a lot more exciting. The book has brought tears to my eyes, made me laugh out loud and jump out of skin! I have been desperate to get to the end. Now I am nearing the end, I can't wait to begin on the third. There is still no obvious end to this exhilarating love story in sight. I have the third book, Fifty Shades Freed ready to go. I will of course let you know when I have gotten to the end.

For those of you who don't know (and I have left it this long to mention, because I will be surprised if many people don't know), the book's are about a young lady called Ana, who through chance meets a very successful billionaire business man. This man, Christian Grey, begins to pursue Ana's affections much to her shock. What unfolds is an unexpected love story, with Ana trying to work out the intricate dark depths of Grey's personality. It really is a great 'page turner'.

Many of my friends have already read all three books, and those that haven't I am encouraging to read them (including male friends, who, ladies tell me if you agree, some would benefit greatly from this book?). So if 't you haven't yet read this book, seriously you are missing out. What with nearly all supermarkets and book retailers doing some form of offer on this read, you have no excuse but to give it a read.

What do you think about this book? Let me know below.... Laters ;)

p.s what do you think Christian Grey looks like?

The photo fit...

Try typing Christian Grey into Google Images, and see what comes up. These were my favourites :)


  1. Hey! I am in the middle of the second book :) those photos of the Christion Greys... wow!! lol the middle photo is definitely what im thinking of when i read the book!!! lol

    Jen xxx

    1. I finished it last night and I am now on the third! The story just keeps getting better! I think no.2 with no.3's eyes would be perfect.....

      Stop drooling Harriet lol xx

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    Anette from