Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Day 1

Well Day One went well :)

Stuck to my meal plan. Did as much exercise as possible but my knee is still really painful :( so going to have to be careful with that.

Found it more difficult in the evening than I did in the day as evening is usually when I snack. But other then that it was fine.

Have had a slip up this morning (Day 2) in that I woke up too late to fit in to my schedule lol! (Well I was working till 1.30am) so I have had to adjust it a little but I think it will be ok.

Also my plans for the weekend have suddenly changed as I'm going to Edinburgh to see my hubby (Yay cannay wait :)!!) so I'm going to have to make some adjustments to my meal plan. Not sure how its going to work as we will be eating out alot... but I'm just going to have to go for good meals not the naughty calorific ones.

Actually really looking forward to going away this weekend and seeing some more of Scotland. Me and Brett got engaged in Aberdeen when I went to see him for my birthday. I loved Aberdeen it was beautiful and the shopping was amazing. Its strange being on the coast, but its quite cold.  But the views are gorgeous. 

(Pics of me and Brett in Aberdeen. The beach is massive! Beautiful but freezing!)

I'm going after work on Friday (urggghh drag night time train journey... not so fun) and staying until Monday. On Monday I'm heading over to Glasgow for the day before returning to Edinburgh to get the train home (works out cheaper that way!). I'll post pics of my trip on my return!

Catch up with you again soon.... Thanks Lovelies xx

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