Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Day 16... Oh and I'm Moving To Scotland!!!

Hi All,

So big news today is that I am officially moving to Glasgow, Scotland. I literally cannot wait!!

I have secured a transfer to Glasgow with my company, Nandos, and I am going up on the 26th February for 8 days, to find and put down the deposit on a flat! Approx a month after that, we'll be moving all of our stuff up there and I can start in  my new job. We are moving to Glasgow as Brett's job is going to be there. I was a little disappointed as Edinburgh is by far my favourite place in Scotland (so far) but you can get the train from Glasgow to there in 40 minutes and its only £8.00. So I reckon I will be visiting over there a lot :)

We have already been speaking to Estate Agents and looking at places online 


We are looking for a really spacious big flat fully furnished so its quite hard to find places to look at. I get to spend another week in Edinburgh when I go up though as I am going to stay in Brett's new flat and get the train over to Glasgow in the day to save paying out for a hotel. Which is great as it means I can look at more of Edinburgh and do some more shopping there :) 

Anyway back on to my weight challenge... I have now lost a total of 8 pounds and I am hoping to lose another 4 this week. I am on alot of late shifts which means more time to do exercising. I spent ages on Just Dance this morning and the Wii Fit and burned off around 400 calories and it didn't even feel like working out as its great fun Might have another blast later on!

I can see the difference in me as well already, my face looks slimmers and I am starting to look a little slimmer which is great! I'm starting to put some penny's to one side so that when I get down to my ideal weight I can go on a little shopping spree! Or a big one ha ha!

I've looked into a few things I can do when I move to Glasgow to help make new friends and stuff and I'm hopefully going to do a one-night a week course at the college. It a make-up course so that's something that really interests me and hopefully there will be like minded people there as well. I am also looking for a new gym, beauty salon and hairdressers... I guess I should start looking for a Doctors and a Dentists as well lol.

Meal Planner This Week

Next weeks meal planner
I actually am counting down the days to my 'Naughty Day'. Gonna be one hell of a take away ha ha!

Well I'll keep you updated as I have been on my progress etc....

If you get time take a look at this blog... its the photographer who did our wedding and there are some gorgeous pics on there. http://funurgle.blogspot.com/2011/08/meredith-cleary-wedding-20th-august.html

Anyway speak soon.... Thanks Loveables x

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