Sunday, 8 January 2012

A little bit in love with Elizabeth Arden at the moment...

Thought I would share my thoughts of the beautiful Elizabeth Arden Make-Up Gift set my husband got me for Christmas. I love Estee Lauder and MAC, and love the good old high street brands of course. But this year Brett treated me to the Elizabeth Arden gift set and I have fallen in love with it.

The set has everything you need on a daily basis right down to remover. 

The eye shadows glide on beautifully and bronzer/blusher quad is brilliant. I find the mascara a little cloggy, but by far my favourite are the eye-liners. There are three colours, Taupe, Espresso and Smoky Black. Smoky Black is fab, 'does exactly what it says on the tin' type of thing.

It also came with this great weekender bag which is fantastic. You can fit loads in it and obviously it matches the vanity case which is lovely for weekend breaks.

The set also comes with brushes which are brilliant quality.

I find the girls on the Elizabeth Arden counter really helpful as well compared to some of the other counters who want you to make an appointment to buy foundation.... really.... get a grip (I'm paying you thirty quid a bottle just gimme the damn stuff!!). I'm definitely going to use Elizabeth Arden a lot more now I've tried it out.

I have to say though I will stick with Estee Lauder for their foundation, its a luxury item with a big price tag, but an absolute must once you have tried it!

Brett also got me the Provocative Woman perfume to go with everything, I love it so much I could wear it everyday, but at the moment its my 'Special Occasion' perfume. 

Seriously girlie's if your looking for a bit of luxury make up give this a go. I visited the Elizabeth Arden counter just before my wedding and they were great helping me find the right colour foundation and suggested colours for the big day.

In Peterborough John Lewis has the better counter.

I've just ordered MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation... I'll let you know how I get on with it when it arrives :)

Thanks for reading lovelies.... xx

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