Sunday, 22 January 2012

Day 14

Well another productive week, lost another 4 pounds! So a total of SEVEN now!!! Well Happy!!

I've been on early shifts all week this week, so have found the evenings really hard, because thats when I am prone to snacking! I've had to create myself things that I can eat that feel like I'm being bad lol! Angel Delight was good!

I had butterscotch Angel Delight with a chocolate weight watchers biscuit crumbled into it with banana. The banana was horrible (as I don't like banana) but the rest was great!

I'm doing some more lates this week so hopefully it will be a bit easier and I will be able to fit in more exercise as well!

The Wii Fit is brilliant!! It weighs you, works out your BMI and really helps you to exercise well!!

I'm going to sort out my meal planner today and decide what I am eating for the rest of the week lol!!

Spk soon xx

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