Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Day 8 (Beginning of Week 2)

Whhhhooopp Lost 3 pounds last week!!!!

Extra happy about this as I was a wee bit naughty over the weekend!

I've put together my meal planner for next week already, have missed off Monday though as that day is gone. Yesterday was pretty difficult as I was on the train mostly all day and didn't have any proper meals :( 

I worked really hard last week doing some exercise but struggled because if my knee, it is loads better now though so hoping to step up the fitness regime this week. I've had offers flooding in from friends to go to Zumba classes and aerobics, going to the gym etc, so I'm going to have to them up on it.

I had a great time in Edinburgh at the weekend, there is so much to see there, and so much history and heritage. Me and Brett had a a great time walking around the city looking at the beautiful buildings and doing a lot of shopping. I also ventured over to Glasgow yesterday for a quick meeting which was really productive.

We went to Edinburgh dungeons on Saturday... I'll post the pictures from that trip when I get a round to scanning them in but it was great fun. (Here's a pic I took on my phone while we were there). 

Its almost a show that you walk around with actors demonstrating what would of happened all those years ago in the dungeons.

It was really interesting and a good laugh as well. There are a couple of rides in there, nothing overly exciting but it was a bit of fun.

I went to all the make-up counters in Debenhams and picked up a new foundation, Elizabeth Arden, Flawless Finish Bare Perfection in Beige. Its great! When I initially used it, I thought it looked and felt quite runny, but you only need a tiny bit and it has a great natural coverage. Definitely feeling Elizabeth Arden at the moment. It was  a little pricey at £25.00 a bottle, but as you only need a small amount I expect it will last quite sometime. 

I managed to restrain myself and only buy one other make-up product on this trip, I bought the new No. 7 mascara, its called 'Lash Adapt'. The idea is that you put it on once for normal wear, two for party wear and so on.....
I went in intending to buy my usual Lash Extension mascara, but if you bought this new one you got a Eyeshadow Quad free and it happened to have colours in it that I wear regularly so I bought this one. I use No. 7 a lot, they are definitely my favourite high street brand. I started using them after I received a £5 off voucher at the till and now bought something just to use the voucher. Now I use them all the time, I find there mascaras are great as my eyes are very sensitive and mascara is always aggravating the problem, but No.7 ones don't do that. My other favourite high street brands are Marks and Spencer's Perfection range (there Minerals Powder is awesome), L'Oreal, MaxFactor are another of my big big favourites, I actually wouldn't be without their Facefinity Compact in my handbag. Collection 2000 is also one of my favourites if I am just buying a 'one off' colour.

I had a bit of a spree in Primark Edinburgh as I am soft for a bargain, got some great little bits in there. And Brett found some new slightly more pricey shops (the names of which I can't remember, think one was Urban Outfitters??) where he kitted himself out with some fancy hats and scarves. At one point he was so wrapped up for the cold he looked like the Michelin Man lol! 

We really had a great time. This picture was taken just before we left The Standing Order pub, a great huge pub that used to be a bank, the building was great and had lovely huge pillars in there. Almost a shame it was a pub.
Brett was preparing for the walk home through the hills and it was -2 degrees!

Anyway back to the diet!! I plan on loosing at least 4 pounds this week! I've already seen the difference a few pounds can make so this has spurred me on!! I'll keep you updated throughout the week!

My meal planner for the week:

Got quite a few left over calories and combing those with the exercise I plan to do, I shouldn't have any problems sticking to my limits!!

Should be good!

A few pictures below of my trip to see Brett.

Thanks loveables.... H xx

Before my meeting in Glasgow x

One of the Cathedrals in Edinburgh!

Walking home in the cold!

Brett x

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