Friday, 6 January 2012

Some Photos I took on mine and Brett's Honeymoon

Our Honeymoon... <3

Brett and I got married on the 20th August 2011. It was a great day and I will put some photos of that up another time. But here are some photos from our honeymoon, some are memories, others are my favourite pictures. My brother Graeme bought us a really nice Lumix Camera for our wedding present so we tried our best to take some good photos.

Taken on one of the terraces at my Nana and Grandads house, Villa Jamaire, in Ozankoy, Cyprus. My Grandparents were kind enough to let us use their holiday home and pay for flights for our honeymoon as a wedding present. We had a great time there.

This is Sophie. She lives in the grounds of Villa Jamaire. I adore cats, and Brett has grown to like them alot as well. Which is good as there are alot of cats in Cyprus. Sophie is particularly cheeky, running in the villa at any opportunity.

Milkshakes at our favourite cafe in the Harbour. Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the cafe now. But we went there every day and the staff always remembered us.

Taken from the garden at the villa. 

This is Brett posing well. He looks like a proper model with his tan lol.

This cat was at the harbour. One of my favourite pictures from our honeymoon.

Best Meze in Cyprus as the Rose Garden. Have loved this restaurant this restaurant since I was 14 and Brett fell in love with it straight away too. The whole restaurant is outside in a rose garden (obviously) and all the food is cooked on a huge bbq. All the cold items are made fresh and this is obvious from how great it all tastes.

This is Bruiser. He also lives at the grounds of the villa, and has been since my Nana and Grandad bought it about 12 or so years ago. I remember him when I was younger jumping on the table when you weren't looking and eating the food! He is not so naughty now but still remains loyal to the Villa.

This is the view from our bedroom balcony at Sunset. It was so beautiful the picture doesn't do it justice.

This poor little fella has had his ear ripped off by another cat. Didn't have an affect on his begging skills though... in fact somewhat helped him.

It was taken at the Five Fingers restaurant... very English. However a beautiful view of Abbey Bell Tower at night from the roof terrace.

Lovely little baby turtle, fresh out of his egg. Its great to watch this on the beach. Although the night time hatchlings are the best.

The pic above is from a small cafe near the Abbey Bell Tower. Not gifted with that special talent of looking flawless even on holiday its not the best picture of me, but still a great picture of us enjoying our honeymoon. We had a really great time on our honeymoon and there are hundreds of pics but I can't fit them all on here.

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