Friday, 13 January 2012

Day 5

So far so good.... Stuck to my meal plan all week. Being a little naughty at the moment as I'm currently on the train to Edinburgh. Lost about 3 pounds already and can already start to see the difference. One of my regular customers who I haven't seen for a few weeks told me I have lost weight so that's good news! :) Think this weekend will be challenging as we are staying in a hotel and will be eating out for every meal so my little meal planner has gone a bit scew whiff... Going to be really careful though and stick to my allowance. However in my extremely heavy well over-packed-for-a-weekend suitcase I have packed some weight watchers cookies in amongst the mass of pot noodles I got 'on offer' for Brett to have in his lunches (keeping up with the wifely duties!) so I've no excuse to snack on chocolate bars ha ha. Managed to fit in some exercise today with my eventful trip to the train station. I managed to get off work a little early, spotted a train in 25 minutes. I quickly changed and ran to the station with my suitcase and rucksack (which was heavy enough to take to war for some reason). I arrived there to discover the train was cancelled! How annoyingggg! More annoying during my run to the station I realised I had forgotten my bloody headphones. With another train due in 25 minutes I decided to run all the way back to town, purchase new headphones. Did this in great time, except I then limped back to the station as my knee is throbbing again. Fail!!!! So now sitting on train dosed up in co-codamal. Hoping it will knock the pain out of my shoulder too! Anyway moving on.... Going to do some shopping this weekend. Excited about that as Edinburgh shops are a little better than peterborough's lol. Going to be grabbing some make-up (shocker) from the counters that they don't have anywhere near me at home, as I find picking colours online and getting them right a real chore. Brett is also going to take me to see some of the sights in Edinburgh which I am looking forward to. On Monday I'm travelling over to Glasgow for a meeting (gossip on that one coming soon). If I have time I'll take a small (or wee as the Scottish would say) wander around and see a bit of the place. Bretts job is moving back to Glasgow soon so sure I'll be spending a little time there! Back down to earth on Monday evening as heading back to Peterborough. Interesting week planned though. Tuesday will be doing plenty of fitness while waiting in for Mum's new phone (not so interesting), back to work on Wednesday and hopefully a catch up with my beautiful friend Lau Lau, work on thurs followed by another evening out with a friend and collegue from Notts! Chilling on Friday for a 7am start on Saturday which does however leave saturday night free.... So looking like a good week, but going to have plan in my calories carefully and make sure I fit in some exercise. Weigh in on Tuesday (maybe Monday night if I can be bothered, doubt it)! Keeping fingers crossed for minimum 3 pound loss! Catch you soon.... Thanks lovelies xx

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