Saturday, 7 January 2012

Ready for Monday!

So me and my mum are getting all prepared for Monday.
The wii fit has been set up and has told us how fat we are (too fat) lol.

We have stocked up on healthy foods and healthy convenience foods like fruit and low fat yogurts so we dont binge on snacks! Everything is set for monday! Apart from we need to eat all the crap that is left in the house from christmas and what we dont eat chuck out lol.

Thought I would amuse you all with some pretty awful 'before' pictures of myself!

Pigging out on christmas day.... 

On honeymoon.....

Trying on my wedding dress...

Hopefully next time I'm posting pics I'll be looking a little bit slimmer :)

Its time to start.... My Journey :)

Thanks Lovelies xx

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