Friday, 11 May 2012

Love At First Site...

There are very few feeling's in the world, as good as the butterflies you get in your stomach in the early days of a relationship. The little flutter your heart makes when you see your new beaus name pop up on your phone, the smile that spreads across your face every morning when you awake to a sweet nothing text message, even on a Monday. 

You're in your own little bubble, completely and utterly focused on your fairy tale romance. But at what point do you know, that person is 'The One'. We all know that the bubble can burst and the fairy tale can be over in a moment, and the person who has been your world for the last three and a half weeks now becomes a stranger that you wouldn't even say Hi to as you pass them by in the street.

I met my husband in a Nail Salon. He was there paying for a mutual friend's nails as a Christmas present. It was Christmas Eve 2009. We chatted a little, but not a lot. We didn't swap numbers. A couple of weeks later on a night out, our mutual friend brought Brett along. It was that night that a drunken Bretty told me he loved me for the first time! Not even having been on a date I admit to thinking, "Stalker!! Weird!", if someone had told me that evening that I would later marry him, I would of de-friended them there and then! The morning after the night before though, I found myself thinking of the weirdy a lot. And I was soon tracking down his number.

The night of the first 'I Love You' and one of my fave pics of us <3
It only took one weekend of dates for us to become an item and Brett even invited me to accompany him to his  parents 25th Wedding Anniversary party in June, months later. Little did I know at the time, I would end up playing a huge part in the event, decorating the hall, directing the DJ, etc. We became a 'couple' on 21st February 2010. It wasn't always a smooth start though. We met a few bumps in the road, and even split at one point.

But after a couple of weeks of being apart we decided to meet up and take Brett's dogs for a walk. During the walk, one of the dogs saw a duck or something and jumped at it, pulling Brett straight over into a big muddy puddle. We both fell around laughing and from that point on we were back to 'Harriet and Brett'. We got engaged soon after, in July. I went to visit Brett in Aberdeen where he was working and he proposed over the weekend.

I don't know about other people, but we found through out our relationship (and even still now sometimes) everybody wanted to have an opinion. Friends, family you name it. And sometimes I admit, it would of been a lot easier to just split up. But through it all we stayed strong and I love my husband very much, and vice versa.

In our first house in Peterborough, before a evening out.
So really, the answer to my own question is, you know that the person is 'The One' when you still feel the butterflies not just months, but years on. Before we moved to Glasgow, me and my husband lived apart for the entirety of our relationship as Brett is self-employed and worked all over the place, London, Corby, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh. The list goes on. I got used to being a part and it didn't bother me too much. The weekends we spent together were all the more precious. But now we live together full time, even if we are apart one night I really miss him. 

My husband is my best friend, my conscience, my agony aunt, my soul mate. The best advice you can take about your relationship.... is from your own heart.

So I guess, Love At First Site.... does exist <3


  1. Love this story! Very romantic, and you two look great together!

    1. Thank you, funny where you meet the love of your life x