Tuesday, 1 May 2012

MIni Sale Haul from New Look

So this is probably a little misleading calling this a 'Haul' as there are only a couple of items.
But me and Brett went up to Silverburn Shopping Centre the other day as we had some shopping to do, and the places closer to the city centre get a little crazy on match days. So we headed to Silverburn, there is a massive Tesco there and also my work is in the centre so I could drop in and say hi :)

Anyway, we were really not intending to shop at all, but we went past New Look and the sale just looked so big we couldn't resist having a look.

And my lovely husband bought me a couple of things, as my Best Friend Coral is coming next week and I wanted a couple of new tops for easy new outfits when we go on our little shopping trips lol.

So the first thing I got was this checked sleeveless shirt.
Its not something I would normally pick up, but Brett has been going crazy at me since the day we met to buy one of these shirts, and I just didn't like them. But this is the first one I have seen without sleeves.

When I tried this one on, I really liked it as it is long, it really flatters my figure. I'll probably wear it with some medium blue jeans, some cute beige pumps, and probably do a nice fishtail plait. I'd really like to find a headscarf to match the outfit.

This was a really good bargain, it was £16.99 marked down to £7.00. So really happy with this one :) and so is Brett ;)

So in Glasgow I can never predict the weather! I am always getting caught out, so I wanted a light jumper for the 'in the middle' days, its not hot, its not cold.

Now again this isn't something I would normally go for, but I really liked the pattern and its a nice bright colour, so I can keep warm without still feeling like I'm wearing the boring black and browns of my winter wardrobe. Its not quite a half jumper as I call them, but its not quite long enough either so I just got the simple pink cami to go underneath. Again, I'm just going to wear it with my jeans, but I think I am going to see if I can be a bit out there, and find some pink pumps!

The jumper is actually by Apricot and was meant to be £18.00 marked down to £12.00. The cami is just a New Look basic at £2.49

The last top I got is this strappy multi-coloured number. Again not something I would normally think of wearing. I bought this in a bigger size than I would normally get as I liked it quite baggy. I think its quite versatile, as I can just wear it on its own with some jewellery and jeans, or team it with a black blazer and heals for an evening look.

For the more chilled out look think I will see if I can pick up a pair of yellow sandals, probably from Primark as I go there every year for my summer sandals as they have so many colours and are just really cheap.

This was a good buy as well, original price £14.99 down to £5.00. So really pleased with the little bargains I found that day as that wasn't the plan!

The last two thing I got was just a simple gold crocodile clip, just because I use them a lot and its good to have different colours :) I don't know how much it was supposed to be but I got it for 50p!

And the last thing I got and anyone who knows me will not be surprised, its a headband! I have soooo many headbands, but I thought this one would be really cute for when I do plaits and the colours match the shirt I got so it may work well with that as well and that was £1.00 down from £3.99 I think.

So I wasn't lying it really was a small 'Haul'. I think what I am going to do, other than make-up reviews, especially with the upcoming E.l.f review and I think I am going to do an MUA as well, is save up my next few shopping trips and do one large Collective Haul. As you know my friend is visiting and we have at least 3 shopping trips, so I should have plenty for you after those.

And also it won't be that long as she is coming on Saturday! Yay! So in between then and now, I'm going to do the E.l.f review, that I know I keep mentioning but I am just so excited about it, I may or may not fit some more reviews in. I'll do my best :)

Thanks Loveables!


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