Sunday, 6 May 2012

When a Pamper Day goes Wrong!

After recently moving to Glasgow and being unwell for some time, my nails and hair were well overdue. My wonderful husband came back from the local hairdressers one day and announced he had booked me the Pamper Package, including a haircut, nails and a spray tan. I was over the moon. 
Brett mentioned a couple of times his haircut wasn't exactly how he wanted but, that happens occasionally and I wasn't that worried. Even though the one time I had popped in, the owner seemed to be quite off, but everyone has a bad day don't they.... Well I was certainly about to!

My appointment was an afternoon appointment so I decided to spend the morning relaxing, and then have a long soak in the bath and prep for the spray tan. My first mistake. After relaxing in the bath I ex foliated and shaved ready for the spray tan.... and took a one inch chunk out of my leg. The bleeding was horrendous and took ages to stop. Still now I have a massive dressing on the wound that needs changing daily. Not a good start. After struggling to in the shower holding one leg out I managed to complete my 'prep'.

Annoyed but not not undeterred I headed on down to the salon, stopping off for all my weekly mags and water. Arriving a little early at the salon, I decided to grab my sun bed while there. I have a lot of catching up to do as I am as white as a sheep after my illness. After my sunbed I went straight for my cut, which although she changed my parting and didn't change my fringe as requested because she 'kind of likes it that way' the cut looked a good if even not to my tastes. But no where near as horrifying as what happened in the next three hours.

Only wanting a light spray tan I headed in the 'tanning room'. My first surprise was that it was more of a mobile tanning booth that anything, with a pretty dirty towel lying at the bottom of it. No hair nets or paper knickers were provided... leaving no option but to ruin my own underwear. The formula was added to the gun, and I was asked to stand in the most bizarre position, not like any of my previous spray tans. My biggest worry came when the liquid started dripping off me. Eventually I was dabbed down and left to dry. The room was too dark to see properly... but I knew I was slowly becoming an umpalumpa...

Heading back out into the salon, ushered to the nail table. I didn't know what to do. I was told my current nails were illegal and that the nail salons where Chinese people work are illegal. I would have to have my current nails removed and replaced. I was shocked but the work had begun what could I do. I was stuck rigid, trying to think of a reason to get out of there. The girl was nice enough. After a gruelling two hours, my nails were complete. 4mm thick, bumpy, uneven nails. Some with acyclic missing the nail but all over my skin. Just awful.

Did I complain, no. It was clear from what happened when I paid, that I wasn't going to be offered a refund and would only have to endure more awful treatment. So I left to find another Salon to sort it. Every nail technician and Beauty Therapist I spoke to was horrified. Walking down the street I noticed people laughing at me, when I got in and looked in the mirror that would be because my face was nearly black and looked as if I had painting myself.

I don't know about others, but I am heading back down to the 'Illegal Chinese Shop' because for 3 or more years they have done beautiful nails, and never had a problem. It will take weeks for my fingers to heal where the acrylic has ripped my skin and made it bleed. And after scrubbing myself with lemon juice and bicarbonate soda for days my tan is now looking tame enough to leave the house.

Name and shame? No, not my style, but one thing is for sure, I'm going to stick to what I know from now on.

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