Thursday, 31 May 2012

Beautiful Bracelets by The Bead Queen...

About two weeks ago, I stumbled across a lovely lady on Twitter, who makes hand made bracelets. She was doing a giveaway when she reached 8000 followers and when she did it, I missed it and I was so gutted I was thinking of buying one.

After chatting to Lorraine a bit on Twitter, we had established that I liked the pink, white and purple (Shamballa) ones, and I was struggling which one to pick. Lorraine kindly offered to make one with all three colours in it.

When it arrived I was so over the moon with it. Beautiful colours, sparkling and dazzling away. A must have for any girl. The pictures of this bracelet just do not do it justice. I was so happy with it that in addition to this planned Blog post, I filmed a short YouTube video of it, and placed it on my channel here. I of course Tweeted the link to Lorraine, who was overwhelmed. I was so pleased that she enjoyed the video.

Lorraine must of liked my video a lot, because I arrived home today, to find that Lorraine had posted me the most beautiful charm bracelet. Not only is it stunning, Lorraine must of picked up on my tastes, as if you have read my blog before, or seen some of my videos, you will know that I am a real Beach Baby and love anything nautical. You will see in the pictures, that the bracelet has beautiful blue crystals, as if the sun bouncing across the sea. It has beautiful blue and brown stone like pieces, like the waves splashing against a beach. And then the charms are little boats, starfish, fish, and anchors. It is so lovely and I am so pleased with it.

Thank you so much Lorraine, who I know will read this, for sending me such a beautiful gift. I am sure I will wear it all the time :)

Girls (and Guys) you really must head over to The Bead Queen's website and check out the stunning pieces at affordable prices. Find the links below....

Thanks Loveables xxx


The Bead Queen Website

The Bead Queen Twitter!/thebeadqueen_uk

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