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MUA Haul/Review

Haul/Review :)

So this is my second Make-Up Haul/Review and as you can see again it is a big one!

I was drawn to trying out MUA after seeing some review's on blogs and youtube.com, and I was also really interested in trying out the Eye Primer.

MUA is exclusively available in Superdrug stores, some do the full range and some just do the £1 range. Check the website for which branch does what. I couldn't get everything I wanted in store, so I did an online order to.

I will try and keep this brief but there is a lot!! I will let you know the colours of the Nail Varnishes, but I am doing a separate review as there are too many to go through ;)


Trio Eye Shadows

Pink Sorbet - Chocolate Box

Pink Sorbet - Chocolate Box Swatches

I LOVE these. I was slightly dubious at first, as MUA is an affordable make-up brand, and that doesn't always bode well. But these are beautiful. The colour has such brilliant pigmentation, and you can build up the colours to create fabulous looks (I will post a separate article with some looks you can create). These have  a shimmer to them and are just gorgeous. these are going straight into my reach for everyday basket. I will be collecting all the available colours!

Individual Colour Pots - Matte/Pearl
L - R T - B Shade 1 Pearl, Shade 2 Pearl, Shade 17 Matte, Shade 8 Pearl, Shade 23  Pearl

Colours as above.
So after trying out the Trio's I thought I would give these ago and so glad I did. Again, stunning. The pigmentation is awesome. I love these. MUA do a massive range of colours, and when I am looking for an individual specific shade the first place I will go is MUA.

Intense Glitter and Intense Colour

Colours Left to Right: Snow White - Colour, Rich Brown - Colour, Starry Night - Glitter, Gold Nugget - Glitter, Lovely Lilac - Colour, Blue Babe - Glitter
Colours as above.

Again, another amazing product, these eyeliners have such beautiful pigmentation, they are creamy and smooth and are so easy to use. Again a huge range of colours available for every look you could think of.

Extreme Felt Liner and Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof

Both Black
The Extreme Felt Liner is the only product that I am a little disappointed with. Its more brown than it is black. It's ok for doing winged eyeliner, and I would buy it again, but I don't think it is the best that I have used.

The Liquid Eyeliner on the other hand is brilliant. I find it really easy to apply, it is black as night. Waterproof   make-up is a really big thing for me, I need it for work, I need it for the Gym, I need it for summer holidays. And this is truely waterproof, it's a nightmare to get off some times but I don't mind, as that' what I need it for!

Eyebrow Pencils

I haven't taken a pic yet, but I have both colours, and both are great, better than my previous favourite, No.7. Will get some pics up for you soon.

Eye Primer

As I said this was the product I was really going after, and it's lived up to its reviews, works really well, it doesn't crease. My eye shadow lasts all day when I use this. I don't think I will ever look for anything better.


As I have mentioned before I usually buy really expensive mascaras for sensitive eyes as I have a lot of problems with them. I mentioned in my last review on E.l.f cosmetics I had found a cheap one. And here are more! I originally opted for the Extreme Volume Mascara in Black, and loved it. I headed back to Superdrug and got 4 more! None of them bother my eyes, they are cheap and cheerful and I really like them. The Waterproof one again last for ages and is perfect for when I go to the Gym. Overall I am extremely happy. I decided to try out the coloured ones for fun and they are good too, the colours are really bright!



Top Shade 12
Bottom Shade 7

Top Shade 12
Bottom Shade 7
Love these Lipsticks. £1 each and worth so much more! They have the same quality as lipsticks I pay £7+ for. Again a great range of colours available.

Lip Glosses

Top Shade 2
Bottom Shade 4

As above

These Lip Glosses are amazing! They are not too sticky, and last for absoluteness ages! The colours are so bright,  I think these are going to be in my handbag for a long long time!! MUA do the Juicy Tubes as well, but I have misplaced mine :( will get a pic on of those soon :)


THESE ARE AMAZING! I am so happy! Lipstick in one end, matching highlighting lipgloss in the other. This one is in OMG. I think there about 7 colours available. This is beautiful. You can create 4 different looks with these and they are brilliant for day, night, work, drinks, shopping. You name it, this is a staple item for you handbag make-up.

The swatch pictures just don't do the product justice, this shade, OMG is a coral coloured shade and its just really pretty. I will get a post up soon, dedicated to Lip Booms!

Love Them xx


I am yet to try out the foundations by MUA yet, as I am going to be doing a comparison post on 4 good value foundations/BB creams. I will keep you updated on that.

Mosaic Blushes/Bronzes

Top: English Rose
Bottom: Sunkissed Glow

Sorry about the picture!

I wanted to try the English Rose after a lovely girl named Becca from youtube.com kept raving about it (will link below). And she is so right its a great blush, not to over the top, just right. The Sunkissed Glow, is quite dark, so I am going to save that for my tanned days :)


Like I said I will do a separate post on these but here is my collection so far....

So to sum up, I have discovered another brand that is affordable and adorable! They are definately my current favourite and I am looking forward to trying out the two palettes I am ordering, and of course I will show you them here.

I hope you enjoyed :)


MUA's Prices range from £1 to £4. 


Thanks Lovables xx

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