Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chain Blog Letter: You Know You are a Fashion Blogger When…

Hey Guys,
I saw this on Lipstained Vixen's Blog and thought it looked like good fun! I hope you enjoy it and take it on to your Blog too! 

Here are the instructions:
You Know You’re A Fashion/Style Blogger When . . .
  • Copy the list below
  • Paste the list onto a new blog post – and highlight/bold the statements that describe you or show something you’ve done
  • After putting up the list, link back to Simply Sarah as the original list
  • Add any other bullets to the list that you think describe fashion bloggers as well
Lets start this and see how far it gets!
You Know You’re a Fashion Blogger When: 
- The words “chambray”, “gingham”, and “ikat” are regular words in your vocabulary
- You know what color blocking means
- You love to shop, and in fact you literally get a high off of sales
- You use blogger’s first names rather than referring to their blog name
- You’ve entered SO many giveaways; you never win, but hey you never know right?!
- You use blogger’s first names and refer to them as if they’ve been your BFF forever
- You’ve sometimes wondered if it’s vain to take pictures of yourself – and then not cared
- You’ve taken a picture, ran to the camera to see if you liked it, hated it and tried again
- You’ve mastered the art of “self-timer”
- Your phone is full of random pictures of yourself
- No matter what you’re doing, even if you’re camping, you wonder how you can take pictures
- You’re constantly thinking about content for blog posts – you even write down ideas!
- You’ve gotten to know bloggers so well you feel like you’ve literally lived their life for a day
- One word: HTML
- You’ve pinned outfits on Pinterest to recreate, but rarely ever did
- You’ve wore outfit you just weren’t into, so you skipped the day or wrote about something else
- You comment on blogs with <3 or XOXO, even though you’ve never met the people
- You feel closer to your blogger friends sometimes than your real friends
- At least one person in your life never knew they’d ever have to take so many pictures of you
- You’ve mastered at least one pose you use over and over
- You look at your closet and go “I have nothing  to wear” yet you have more clothes than you need
- You know details about blogger’s lives, but you don’t know their last name.  And you’re OK with it.
- You spend your time talking about clothes, fashion, and styling – and people actually care!
- You realize now that blogging is truly a full time career if done right
- Blogging was just supposed to start as a creative outlet, but it’s turned into so much more
- You’ve ever wondered “hey could I do this for a career”?
- You’ve wasted more time on your computer blogging than you care to admit
- You have a twitter, lookbook, facebook, pinterest, etc.  that all link back to one place… 

Let me know if any of these apply to you ladies – I hope at least a couple did! 
 Let me know if you link this back on your pages!

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