Friday, 4 May 2012

E.l.f Haul/Review

My 1st E.l.f Order.... excitingggg <3 <3

Please find all prices and links at the bottom :)


Duo Eye Shadow Cream

I got the cream eye shadows in two colours. One is 'Sugar Cookie' and the other 'Blueberry'. I have never been a great fan of cream eye shadows, but I absolutely love these! They smooth on to the eyelid beautifully and don't crease. I am defiantly going to get some more colours. You can see the swatches above. The Sugar Cookie I am wearing daily at the moment and I love the Blueberry for an evening look.

Brightening Eyeliner

I got two of these eyeliners, one in black, just simply as I wear black eyeliner most days and I like to have a couple of spares, and I got one in Midnight (swatched above below 'Blueberry' eye shadow). I got the Midnight colour to go with the Blueberry eye shadow and I think they go together really well. The eye liners don't aggravate my eyes, and they don't smudge off. I really like these.

Shimmer Eyeliner

I just got one of these in 'Precious Pink' to go with the Sugar Cookie eye shadow (swatched above below the Sugar Cookie eye shadow). I was a little wary as I have purchased glitter eyeliners before from other companies and they have always ended up aggravating my eyes and are now just sat in my collection not being used, a waste of money. This one however is great! I love the colour and effect it gives, great for a day look or a night look. E.l.f do these in so many pretty colours, I am going to have to buy a collection of them! This particular one goes great with the Sugar Cookie and the Brightening Eye Colour 'Pretty n Pink' (below). And I am sure it is going to go with many other colours too!

All the eyeliners include a sharpener too which is great!

Brightening Eye Colour

I got this in 'Pretty n Pink', as if you go back to my previous post you will find a Maybelline Quad with very similar colours which I love. I was using it everyday and thought every time I replace this its going to cost £7+, so I wanted a cheaper alternative, and here it is!! Absolutely over the moon with this, I can create a really nice day look, and as long as you are wearing an eyelid primer (E.l.f do a range of their own) this eye shadow will stay all day. I love it! Sorry the swatches don't show up that well but I can assure you, this is a great product!

Regular & Waterproof Mascara Duo

If you have read my Blog before, you will know by now that I really struggle with mascara. My eyes just do not like it and mostly I have to buy really expensive mascaras anything between £10.00 and £25.00. So I took a gamble on this one, especially as it is double ended. AND I AM SO GLAD I DID! This little mascara is brilliant, it doesn't upset my eyes, it doesn't clump, it looks great and it costs next to nothing! I am literally over the moon with this and I am going to buy the rest of E.l.f's mascaras, in the hope I am on to a winner! This is FANTASTIC!


I got a couple of brushes, the 'Smudge Eye Sponge' and the 'Eye Shadow Brush'. I love the sponge brush it is exactly what I wanted so that's great. I was not so impressed with the eye shadow brush, I find the bristles stubby, and handle is not tight in the brush so it wiggles around, which is a shame. I will probably try out the other brushes, but I won't but this one again.


Luscious Liquid Lipstick

I got this in 'Cherry Tart'. I got it to replace an Avon product that has been discontinued. I love this apart from the colour is not as bold as I would like. It is quite translucent, but teamed with a lipstick this is lovely.

Hypershine Gloss

I got this in 'Flirt' and I love it. The colour in the tube, is exactly the colour that comes out, and is exactly how it looks on your lips! I love the colour of this, and I am going to get a couple more in other colours. It's not overly sticky which is one of my gloss pet hates. Really happy with it.


The picture above really does not do the colour justice, which is 'Seductive'. At first I was a bit worried at the lipstick looked almost plastic, but once you start using it, you get that classic lipstick texture, it smooths on well and it has great colour. It goes great with the Cherry Tart Liquid Lipstick. Need some more of these before summer hits!!

Studio Glossy Gloss

These glosses were on offer for £1 when you spent £20. And I really wish I had gotten a load more, the two colours are 'Tangy Tangerine' and 'Dragonfruit'. They have a brush applicator, not a sponge, which I love as I think the sponges always end up a bit... minging? Lol! But these are really nice, great pigmentation!

Phewww.... last but not least...


All Over Colour Stick

This is an an all over stick, so basically, you can use it on your eyes, cheeks and lips. However I prefer it just for cheeks. I got it in 'Persimmon' and I love it, I will post a swatch for you soon. It has great staying power with a slight shimmer and its exactly what I need to chuck in my hand bag.

Minerals Foundation

If you read my Blog then you know how much I love mineral foundations, now this one is a really cheap one and even so I am impressed. To be honest, me personally I probably would feel comfortable wearing this alone, and I like to brush it over my liquid foundation. Nevertheless I will buy it again :)

Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter

This is a first time for me, and I'm still deliberating. I'm not sure about the highlighter, but I don't think that has anything to do with the product, I just think I personally don't like it. 

Shimmering Facial Whip

I got this after watching youtube reviews that rave about in, and I agree. It real does shimmer! And the colour is really great. Mine is in Lilac Petal and I really like it for summer. 

Complexion Perfection

So I got this because I have seen this type of product and been intrigued, but never bought. I'm a little confused by it! I'm not really sure whether it should be used before or after foundation. I'm using it after. And I quite like it. It does seem to make a difference. So if anyone out there can tell me whether I am using this right or not please let me know :)

So that is my review! Sorry it was quite long winded! Overall I am really happy with all of the products, and I will definitely be putting in another order! So thank you E.l.f for the great value products.


Cream Eye Shadows £1.50
Brightening Eyeliner £1.50
Shimmer Eyeliner £1.50
Brightening Eye Colour £1.50
Regular & Waterproof Mascara £1.50
Brushes £1.50
Liquid Lipstick £1.50
Hypershine Gloss £1.50
Lipstick £1.50
Studio Glossy Gloss £3.50
All Over Colour Stick £1.50
Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter £3.50
Complextion Perfection £3.50
Minerals Foundation £3.50
Shimmering Facial Whip £1.50

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Thanks Loveables xx


  1. I discovered e.l.f. not so much time ago and since my first order, I love their products, or at least most of them :D By the way, great review :)

  2. Thanks so much! I am so happy to be blogging! I have just been and bought a load of MUA stuff, so that will be on next week! I'll check out your blog :) x

  3. great haul Harriet:) Is the undereye concealer good at covering dark circles?:) x

  4. Hi Molly, thanks hun! It does, however my all time fave for covering dark circles is Garnier Eye Roller. It can be a bit pricey, but I got mine in Savers recently for around £5 :) xx


    This is the roller Molly xx